Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael or Saint Michael in more traditional religious terms is known as the Angel who slaved the devil. He is often depicted in paintings and sculpture standing on top of the earth with his sword held high; beneath his feet is the devil. This image relates that Archangel Michael is the captain of the army of angels that defeat evil in the world.

In the universal laws and spiritual truths Archangel Michael is interpreted as the Angel who can assist you in overcoming your lower mental body by piercing with his blue sword of truth, the incorrect conditioned and programmed beliefs about not only your self, but about the whole world, life and how it works.

Archangel Michael's domain has been the earthly dimension for millenniums. It is his direct responsibility to see that we all reconnect to the truth of who we are; as we each remember, accept and activate the incorporation of our higher minds into that of our human experience we automatically become unconditionally loving beings.

Accepting our diving magnificence, sets the stage for each one of us to ascend into the a higher level of unconditional love creating a heaven on earth for all whom chose to participate. When we have truly established the Golden Age of Heaven on Earth, where all live in peace, love and harmony; Archangel Michael will move on to another mission and Archangel Raphael will take over the dominion of earth.

It is simply Archangel Michael's soul mission to awaken each of us to the God/Goddess's we truly are. He oversees the throat chakra assisting you in the courage to speak and be your truth.

You can speak with Archangel Michael so you can receive the personal guidance you require to make the leap into your higher consciousness and unconditional love. Michael will address the soul of you, as well as answer your questions and concerns.

A channeled session with Archangel Michael is truly a life altering experience!

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A channeled session with Archangel Raphael where he will address the Heart and the natural beingness of you as; well as provide answers to your questions and concerns.