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Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael in more traditional religious terms is known as the Healing Angel. In Hebrew it is "It is God who heals", "God Heals", "God, Please Heal". The root of the name Raphael also appears in the modern Hebrew word Raphael meaning doctor of medicine, thus echoing the healing function traditionally attributed to this angel.

Archangel Raphael attends to all matters of the heart and resides over the elemental kingdom. He is also known as the largest elf on earth and will replace Archangel Michael in the responsibility of the worldly domain.

Raphael is the energy that coined the popular phrase "Lighten Up", as part of his teachings methods are to help us realize that all pain, disease and suffering is a direct result of taking ourselves and life too seriously. He is mastered in the understanding of using Laughter to heal all things. As such, he is often perceived energetically as a bit of a clown and or even a smart alec. Yet, he is serious about healing; he will assist you in healing all matters of the heart, as he knows if the heart, being at the core, is ill due to mistreatment, the rest of the body reacts.

Raphael will guide you into realizing and honoring the true love of self where you learn to follow the precious song in your heart....only that of which brings you joy.

You can imagine due to the state of current global affairs, Raphael is quite busy; as each of us brings up all that of which has caused us pain so that we can overturn those traumas through the higher understanding of what we previously believed was done to us, was actually done for us. This is where he partners with Archangel Michael. Michael assists in the awakening coordinating with Raphael who takes over the healing generated by the awakening. Raphael seen energetically is the color of emerald green. Michael is cobalt blue. When you perceive these colors together they appear as the color teal. This color represents their combined energies in assisting you in healing all that is out of order within you, in order for you to be in love, peace and harmony with yourself.

Raphael is coming into his direct dominion over the earth, where during his reign we will be fun loving, intuitively creative creatures only participating in that which brings a smile to our face, thusly completely honoring who we truly are and thereby creating the Golden Age of Heaven on earth for all.

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