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The Present Living in the now, full version in multiple formats to the right include; the guided transformational healing of how to let go of the painful past so you can be in the joyful moment where you are in complete control to create the magnificent magical future you desire; as well as other exercises and applications to live in the present moment.

You can Start Now with living in the Present moment. Let go of the Past which keeps you tethered to those people, places, things and or experiences you no longer have any control over so you can create a joyous present existence, as well as the Future You Desire! You deserve it!

The Present Living in the Now is Number 1 of the of the 13 Steps or Life Altering choices to effective change, to Ascend here and now where you can live in your own unique heaven on earth by getting out of the R.U.T. you are stuck in.

The Higher Understanding Choice of Love is: To live in the presence of the gift of the now.

The Lower Understanding Choice of Fear: is to stay stuck in the painful past or paralyzed in being able to move into the future.

The Present Living in the Now is the natural order of creation. If you are stuck in the painful past or fearful of the unknown future you are not engaged in the appropriate energetics to manifest what you desire now because you are out of order, you are not present in the moment.

In relationship to The Present; living in the now you will be coached in

How to let go of the painful past so you can be in the joyful moment where you are in complete control to create the magnificent magical future you desire.

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The Value of the Gift of Life - The Importance of Being Alive on Earth here and now and how to live your life to the fullest'

Is your Life Great, productive and of service to self and all others....Or are you taking up space?

The Value and gift of life is realized when we get present with ourselves. Realizing the value of the gift of life where you become aware in each moment of the opportunity to choose love over fear; as each and every moment we live so dangerously close to the edge of the loss of life.

We simply never know when, where or how our soul will choose to leave the physical form that houses it. In any given moment you might just stop breathing. This is not to create fear in you; this is to awaken awareness in you so that you know that all those plans that are delayed due to the true underlying fear of experiencing the unknown, you are risking never having the experience because your life can be over in any moment.

The Value of the Gift of Life, you are being asked to choose one of the two understandings to either activate the plan to change your life to that of one likened to living heaven on earth or to remain in the life you have thus far.

The Understanding Choices are as follows:

The Higher consciousness Understanding - The Choice based in Love is; to realize the preciousness of life

The Lower consciousness Understanding - The Choice of Fear: is To continue to simply take up space by wasting your time because you incorrectly perceive that your life is worthless and has no value.

If you have chosen to remain in the lower consciousness, where you discard each day as well as entire lifetimes then you are done and can stop reading now.

If you have chosen to shift into the higher consciousness understanding then please continue; as this is one way you can "Learn to optimize your life by living your fullest potential and lead others through the gates of heaven on earth".

It doesn't matter what you choose as there is no judgment. You have free will and free choice and some of you may need to experience more of the same, regardless of how unhappy you may be, in order to continue to become aware of and accept that you are the co-creators, the masters of your life and all of its experiences.

The value of the gift of life is the freedom to be you in any given moment!

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Free Audio and Video Guided Meditation

You are divine and it is time for your awakening to your magnificence

Right now most of you are probably thinking, she couldn't possibly be speaking about me. You may be asking, how could I be magnificent?

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