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Awaken Divine Magnificence


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The Healing and Empowering process to overcome abandonment and betrayal.

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You are divine and it is time for your awakening to your magnificence

Right now most of you are probably thinking, she couldn't possibly be speaking about me. You may be asking, how could I be magnificent?

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Awaken Divine Magnificence

Awaken Divine Magnificence

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You are divine and it is time for your awakening to your magnificence

Right now most of you are probably thinking, she couldn't possibly be speaking about me. You may be asking, how could I be magnificent? I am certainly not treated as such by my friends and family or my employer or employees. Nonetheless, despite whether you believe it or not, or are treated in a like manner; the higher truth is you are indeed magnificent!

The only reason you can't seem to fathom you are magnificent, is because you have bought into the incorrect belief that you are less than a divine child of God/Goddess. For far too long you have been giving your undivided attention to your inner critical voice with its relentless unkind message of how you are a lesser child of God/Goddess, not deserving of all the wonderful things.

You incorrectly and may also unconsciously believe you are less than deserving of having your dreams come true; less than worthy of being treated with love, honor and/or respect. Less than having the relationship you desire and less than getting the money you need or want. The list is endless. All the while you continue to wonder why and how other people seem to achieve the very things you dream about, but you never seem to get the same.

Why is it that there appears to be greater children of God-Goddess and you are feeling like the lesser child of God? There is nothing about you that makes you less than anyone else, other than the fact that you believe you are. You have subscribed to this limiting belief due to some adverse experience in your life.

You can argue that you have proof of being less than others because of multiple experiences where you felt you lost or were left out. Yet those experiences are nothing more than your own creations based on what you believe about yourself to begin with.

You may also disagree, stating that you do believe you are divine and magnificent, yet if your life is not consistent with your words and or dreams; then believing is apparently not quite good enough. You have to awaken to and know that you are divine magnificence beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Your beliefs incorrect or not are continually encoded in your cellular memory and as such a pattern is set within you that causes you to continue to manifest the same undesired outcome, until such time you change the pattern by changing your incorrect beliefs of being less than to the absolute truth of being divine.

Each time you consciously or unconsciously focus on being less than a magnificent child of God/Goddess, you will only end up creating one painful, uncomfortable experience after another; beating yourself up or projecting blame onto another person, place or thing for your sorrowful situation will not correct it. If you want your life to change, you have to integrate the absolute truth into your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Each time you experienced something adverse and you chose to believe it happened because you were less than deserving of something better; you simply add insult to injury and continue to fuel the fire of self-punishment. As such you also continued to unconsciously manifest more of what you did not want which only continued to set into stone the incorrect belief that you were less than divine, which then gets you less than what you truly deserve.

Quite the vicious cycle!

You have probably believed that you were a victim of circumstance and always wondering why you. Why am I so abandoned and alone? Where is the help when I need it? You are not a victim, you are divine and have the full authority to create what you chose based on what you believe and think. The adverse situations were created by you soul, as each of them was an opportunity for you to see that your attitude about yourself was nothing more than a choice. No one and or no thing or experience made you lesser. You have never been lesser than anyone else.

All of your negative experiences, whether you believe they came from a past life and or you believe there is only this present past life, can be shifted to a greater understanding. This can be accomplished with your willing conscious participation to attend to them, so the wounds that were inflicted by the experience and caused you to believe you were a lesser child of God/Goddess, can finally be healed.

The wounds often hold unresolved emotional debris and even though we convince ourselves we are intellectually done with the past, the past is often not done with you. You're past will continue to haunt you if you continue to avoid allowing your emotions to be released in a healthy safe loving manner.

Most people act out their unresolved emotions in one drama after another that simply results in more painful consequences, rather than taking some time to feel them out. In acting out the emotional charges you are doing nothing more than demanding of another to do for you or heal for you what you are completely capable of doing or healing yourself.

We demand of others through endless manipulative efforts to prove to ourselves that we are worthy and deserving of love and attention. This is a waste of energy, as no one can do for you what you are unwilling to do for yourself. You simply add burden onto their shoulders and they will most likely run from you rather than carry this additional heavy load atop their already burdensome.

It is far easier and more loving, as well as far more befitting the divine magnificence you are to clean up the emotional debris that over lays the clarity of the higher truth of you. These emotional charges can be released in a healthy loving way by being willing to feel and release the pain with appropriate and safe guidance. Upon the release of the stagnant emotions you will understand you were never the lesser child of God/Goddess where many horrible things were done to you because you deserved no more than that. You will see clearly you have always been unconditionally loved by the One and all that has taken place was for your highest good.

Awakening and living the absolute higher truth of being divine magnificence will change your life completely. You will be prosperous on all levels because you are free of believing you deserve less than all wonderful things.

It is now time to listen to the voice of love that will assist you in awakening your divine magnificence, so you may live your life to its fullest potential and realize all of your dreams! It is time to free your mind, your heart, so the soul of you can expand in its full expression of self; fully knowing it is the manifested union of the wisdom of the higher mind, known as God and the grace of the heart, the Goddess. It is a child birthed from love and is nothing less than love...the divine magnificent child who is free to be in each and every moment of every day!

Be great, because you are already magnificent!
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