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How to Find True Love and Peace of Mind
A story of and a guide to effective successful transformation.


True Love and Peace of Mind found in this Spiritual and Metaphysical Book "Ascension, A Trilogy of Transformation Book One, "The Awakening"
Awakening is a unique book containing a universal message HOW TO OBTAIN PEACE AND FIND TRUE LOVE!

Ascension A Trilogy of Transformation Book 1 Awakening

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Awakening is Book One of A Trilogy of Transformation. It is an empowering tool to help you realize your Divine Magnificence.

This book, although auto-biographical, is a hand book of practical guidance for any who read it. Woven within the story are the transformational healing applications, as well as exercises and modalities of one persons magical journey to enlightenment.

Awakening is the first book of the road map for "Ascension The Trilogy of Transformation -  How to Live Heaven on Earth"! Within the story is the guidance given to Eloryia from the Angels, in particular, the Archangels Michael and Raphael, the Ascended Masters, the Dolphins and other magical beings of light, to share with all of mankind. So that you, as well any other individual, can easily and gracefully shift from paralyzing fear into unconditional love! Giving you the freedom of self expression so that you can change your life for the better, forever!

The Awakening, is recommended for all those that are just beginning their spiritual path and are realizing their value and worth through self-love and self-trust, as well as for those who may have lost faith and need a reminder of the truth of the soul they are and what their soul mission is.

If you are ready to learn how to listen to your spiritual guidance, trust your intuition and follow your heart, so you may get out of your rut by transforming your every day life from the mundane muck into magical miracles.... this is the book for you!

Awakening Introduction
By Andara
Eloryia aka El, who is my friend and a sister to my soul, offered me the opportunity to write, in her words, "The intro or prologue or whatever in Heaven I wanted to call it"...for Ascension, A Trilogy of Transformation, Book One, The Awakening.

El knows darned good and well that in inviting me to participate without limitations...God alone knows what's going to come out...well, my dear sister sweet, it is both my Divine right and Human obligation to follow my own knowingness on this and I can not in good conscience write an intro, forward, or any other such thing for this book, marvelous as it is, without first acknowledging you...your challenge of course shall be to accept that acknowledgement with the grace and humility of which you are so deeply possessed at this, the current cross roads, of your journey on this outpost we call Earth...Terra...our Mother.

It is not only the book that I celebrate my is you...all of you...all you have been, all you have become, and all that you are yet to be as you carry forth in your cosmic tango with the light of the universes. While I must applaud you in fulfilling part of your mission in this world...I celebrate the fact that you have found the jewel of have learned that meaning is more important than mission...that texture overrides tasks...that color outshines crusade...that for living!

I celebrate your courage, knowing as we both know that, in owning who and what you are with bold fearlessness, the little men in white coats may catch your scent and come for you. I celebrate your faith in knowing you are safe and secure in a world turned inside out and upside down. I stand in inspired awe and recognition of one who knows that a tight rope without a safety net is the only way to get from here to there and beyond. Here's to you Eleashia...and to Carol.

Now for the reader...

The book you are holding in your hands is an empowering book because it is a true story. I've seen her struggle for her life; I have witnessed the toll the process has taken on her body and her mind and her perceptions of reality. I can testify that she has been abandoned far more often than embraced and that it has been with a superhuman drive and an otherworldly determination that she has endured her trials, which continue to this day.
Perhaps this book needs a warning label or a consumer alert or a buyer
beware notice; something to tell the reader that their core beliefs are going to be exposed because El is sharing stuff that we have all experienced in one form or another and it's stuff that most of us do not have the a real clue about how to wrestle is lonely done in total isolation of mind and takes a lot of emotional backbone and soul searching to do that kind of work with no one to lean on...modern life does not empower such hampers has to make room in their life for the sort of mental and emotional collapse that is imperative if one is to face and overcome one's blocks and aren't going to find any nice cozy little bits of fluff with which you can feather the nest of new age illusion! This is a painful story; yet it is also a joyful story with a message of hope and faith, inasmuch as that the author is not going to tell you how it is done, instead she is showing you how SHE did it; showing you from the place of her deepest hopes and fears, strengths and weaknesses.
This is not a book that teaches or preaches rather it is the story of one woman's journey from hell into heaven! This story is an example, and as such, a far better tool than the brain candy of instruction. This story is a piece of work that invites you to create and own experiences that will shake the hell out of your world...and believe me, if you think your own little corner of creation is immune and void of hell this story is going to touch you in ways that will create a melt down in that illusion of security.

The good news is the story also gives you glimpses of the pay off...the cosmic happily ever after carrot, as I like to call it. This book will, if the reader accepts the invitations it offers, give you something to reflect on in the dark moments that you alone can lead yourself through...may it serve you as a mirror, which will show your darkness and reflect your own light right straight to the heart of that darkness transforming it into the radiant clear pure light of love, which lays sleeping within.


Eloryia RA is an Angel embodied upon earth bestowed with the divine gift, "The Key to Ascension"! The key is knowing how to live Heaven on Earth. This knowledge is a divine gift bestowed upon earth to uplift all of mankind from their ongoing lower levels of darkness, into the higher realms of Light!
We invite you to journey with Eloryia RA, more commonly known as the Angel Lady, out of the darkness into the Light!

Eloryia shares her story of choosing to digress into the earthly realm in order to carry out the mission of assisting each individual in realizing their magnificence. Her heart centered intent and soul mission is to help all mankind return home to their starry origins...The Kingdom of Heaven!

Eloryia shares her soul journey of lowering her vibration from the luminescent higher Angelic realms into the lower fourth dimension of earth; and how she transformed the lower mind, the body and her soul from the limited "poor me" syndrome of victimization back to her true state of divine magnificence.
Eloryia writes candidly about her emergence from the old molecularly encoded life and how she overcame the negative effects of emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse and allowed herself to blossom into the magical life of a Goddess, a being of light who knows her mission is to deliver a divine gift to mankind...The Key to Ascension!

Ascension, A Trilogy of Transformation, book one, The Awakening is a genuine account of the discovery and activation of the magnificence divinity, which lies within all of us. It is a heart centered story based on a journal of the dialogue and experiences between Eloryia and her beloved mentor, the Archangel Michael. The day to day records of encounters with the angels, ascended masters, dolphins, fairies, elves and other magical beings, and their guidance and processing techniques.
It is an exciting adventure, a story of truth and integrity in her search for true love, self trust and inner peace through forgiveness by replacing the incorrect beliefs of "what she perceived was done to her" with the higher understanding of "what was done for her".
Through Eloryias experience, Ascension, A Trilogy of Transformation, book one, The Awakening is a divinely channeled gift. It is a tool to transform yourself from the mundane to the magical by realizing the preciousness of your own Sacred Divinity and by aligning you with the One Source, the God/Goddess within! It is a handbook to freedom from the causal level of all which is wrong in your life!
The Awakening will personally guide you to commune with your heart through your spirit guides and most importantly your higher self. It will give you the key to unlock the door to the empowerment of the divinity within you so you may manifest your highest dreams and live in every moment Heaven on Earth!
The story begins with a dialogue between Carol, (her name at the time) and Archangel Michael while she is bedridden and suffering from the flu. This first portion of the book is written in the third person to better depict her unconsciousness during that period of time. It is not until her second reading with Archangel Michael that she begins to truly awaken and honestly take responsibility for herself and thusly begins to tell her story firsthand.

Archangel Michael is her spirit guide and mentor and has spent her entire life attempting to awaken her to her true self. He recounts to her the very painful past of her existence so she may become aware of her incorrect beliefs about herself and how they came to be. He lovingly guides her to acknowledge and clear her pain, so she may conclude one portion of the mission by bringing the body to a higher vibration.

Book Two, "The Journey of Remembrance"is the account of the trials and accomplishments, which is the second stage of the begin the actualization of heaven on earth.
In book three, "Ascension, How to Live Heaven on Earth", completes the healing of the body, mind and heart and accomplishes the goal of being an example of a child of God/Goddess living in the joyful moment; the very precious Now!

Her final stages of healing are in direct alignment with that of the Harmonic Concordance, on November 8, 2003, the activation of the Star of David, the gateway between heaven and earth.

This Trilogy is the genuine account of her life experiences and awakening to the truth, through the clearing of the societal conditioned beliefs, the release of emotional charges and the acknowledgment of the soul self through the actualization of being a light being in human form.
It is a guide by example to assist you in bringing into harmony the divine aspects of the male/female within, so you may know your highest and truest love and be free to express the light filled joyful child within by living in the present moment of every day that will manifest all of your heart's desires!

It is shared with you in love, for the purpose of assisting you to your awakening to your true self, your highest mission and to bring you back to the vibrum of in a state of love, manifesting Heaven on Earth!

Sample Chapter


"Beloved one, do you remember you are one of of the radiant angel masters whom dwelt in the Kingdom of Heaven?"

The voice was small and quite undetectable during the normal chaos of life's daily pursuit of survival. Yet, it was relentless with its message.

The bedridden young woman suffering from the flu would not have heard it had the voice not continued persistently. She was filled with overwhelming anguish and preoccupied with painfully tormenting self-destructive thoughts. Never the less, in her rare moments of stillness, most often brought on by forced rest, the voice would come.

"Are you speaking to me?"Feeling confused by this haunting voice, she questioned it silently within her own mind.

"Yes, angel soul sister, it is you whom I address", was his immediate response.
Her feverish eyes scanned the empty silent room about her, pausing momentarily to note the gentle colors of her new comforter crumpled carelessly at the foot of her bed, a sigh of disgust escaped her dry cracked lips. The coverlet made of expensive designer material and sewn so meticulously upon her mother's insistent advice, now lay in a wrinkled heap. I could care less, she thought.
An immediate denial sprang forth from her lower logical mind, overshadowing the soft voice she sensed all about her, in an attempt to smother its very existence. Her persistent logic was desperately attempting to ignore the voice.

"You couldn't possibly mean me." She stubbornly insisted.

With this last comment, she quickly brushed off the temporary audience, which had somehow slipped into her quiet thoughts. She was obsessed with dismissing its presence without care, like an ice princess turning her back on the needs of her kingdom. She sat still, quietly exposing a slightly cynical grin, and then she flippantly spoke aloud to herself.
"How could I be an angel?" She smirked. "I have done terrible things. Some of which I am not sure I am even willing to admit to. I have been wrong and have wronged others by intentionally causing harm to them as well as myself.
"Ha!" The sound escaped her lips quickly, as she thought of herself and her past behavior. She realized her own amusement with the ludicrousness of someone referring to her as an angel. Then her mood changed abruptly.

"I am guilty of so much." She commented sadly, ending her thoughts shamefully.

The book she had been reading lay in her lap, its pages flopping slowly backward.

"I must cease this annoying voice." She said aloud with determination. Thinking of the many prior times she had heard it.
"It is driving me crazy."

Retrieving the book, she held it high so it was placed right before her eyes, obscuring her vision from drifting off anywhere else in the room. Insistent upon drowning out the gentle yet persistent voice, she rapidly scanned the pages of her book to find the place she had left off. She forced her slightly shaking finger upon the black letters of the printed page, mentally commanding it to be still. Then, as she began to open her mouth intending to read aloud, the voice continued.

"It is you, radiant child of Light, I call angel." The voice loudly insisted, interrupting her attempts to read aloud and completely ignoring her denial of it. 

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Reviews By Suzanne Mazzarella on January 18, 2017 Format: Paperback I am feeling so grateful that I found this book! The author, Eloryia Ra, takes us on a journey of her life before and after her spiritual awakening. I could feel all the raw, powerful emotions as I read each page and did not want to stop! The sheer honesty and vulnerability that Eloryia pours onto the pages is heartfelt. I wish I would have read this book while going through my awakening, but it helps me look back upon my experiences and teaches spiritual lessons that we can all relate to. I truly enjoyed reading this book and thank Eloryia Ra for shinning her light and sharing her very personal story. She is magnificent.

By Megan Greywolf on June 12, 2004 Format: Paperback I have known Eloryia Ra for over 16 years and walked with her through a portion of her story. She is my angel girl as I call her and she has chosen to walk HEAVEN ON EARTH. If you are ready to chose HEAVEN OVER HELL then this book is a MUST READ. It is a challenge to chose Heaven every day but Eloryia Ra did chose Heaven and her struggle to get there is nothing short of a courageous HERO/HEROINES journey. This is walking a Mythic Journey with no guide book and no instructions sheet. If you doubt or fear, feel lost or confused, or feel like your life is a horror movie then I highly recommend reading this book to inspire you to continue your journey to finding Heaven on Earth. Megan "Grey Wolf" Garcia author of GRANDMOTHERS "A Wisdom Teaching"

By T. R Stilley on July 26, 2004 Format: Paperback I have appreciated Eloryia Ra's book Awakening (Ascension) both as a fascinating story of one persons evolution and awakening and as a guide to what is possible on the human plane if we are courageous enough to listen to and accept guidance from sources we are not normally aware of. This story of a girl, a woman and an angel and her journey through all the paths that led her to enlightenment and trusting in higher knowledge is a fun and life enhancing read. I would recommend it to anyone who is on a path of self discovery and looking for real world truths of what is possible in life.

By Pam Eubanks June 7, 2004 Format: Paperback Wow! What a powerful book! Although the type is small, the message is huge. The theme paralleled my own story closely in many ways, but led me to enlightenment with its conclusions. If you are on your own path to enlightenment, or if you have had struggles in life that make no sense and you are seeking the answers, this is the book to read! The messages within the messages will lead you on a journey there.

"Eloryia RA has genuine insight ! Her talent is multifaceted and she is a true light and blessing in our world. Janet Faubian, Metaphysical Minister"

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