Magnificent Me; a book of personally guided
transformational healing steps to shift you
from fear to love in an instant!
Learn to be a Kid again!


Magnificent Me

The book, Magnificent Me Heaven on Earth Presently in Publication To live in heaven on earth you must Ascend now. Ascension is the key to the pearly gates of your unique heaven on earth, where there is no limitations and all dreams come true. To Ascend is to deliberately desire and consciously intend to live in self love, self-trust and in peace by shifting from your less than joyful existence manifested from the unconscious state of fear; to the state of love; by aligning your human self who has fallen prey to the illusion of the physical world where incorrect beliefs of fear have prevailed for far too long, to integrate with your higher-all-knowing self who knows no limits because it lives in only divine love and oneness. Once you you are personally guided by Eloryia through this transformation, you can continue to use the process, as a magnificent daily tool, anywhere at anytime to clear any negative thoughts or feelings you may attach to in the future. This will ensure the maintenance of living heaven on earth where you can more easily manifest love, money and all other things you have desired .