The Gift of Life

Value of the Gift of Life How to live yours to the fullest!


The Value of the Gift of Life

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The Value of the Gift of Life

The Value of the Gift of Life - The Importance of Being Alive on Earth here and now and how to live your life to the fullest'

Is your Life Great, productive and of service to self and all others....Or are you taking up space?

The Value and gift of life is realized when we get present with ourselves. Realizing the value of the gift of life where you become aware in each moment of the opportunity to choose love over fear; as each and every moment we live so dangerously close to the edge of the loss of life.

We simply never know when, where or how our soul will choose to leave the physical form that houses it. In any given moment you might just stop breathing. This is not to create fear in you; this is to awaken awareness in you so that you know that all those plans that are delayed due to the true underlying fear of experiencing the unknown, you are risking never having the experience because your life can be over in any moment.

The Value of the Gift of Life, you are being asked to choose one of the two understandings to either activate the plan to change your life to that of one likened to living heaven on earth or to remain in the life you have thus far.

The  Understanding Choices are as follows:
The Higher consciousness Understanding - The Choice based in Love is; to realize the preciousness of life

The Lower consciousness Understanding - The Choice of Fear: is To continue to simply take up space by wasting your time because you incorrectly perceive that your life is worthless and has no value.

If you have chosen to remain in the lower consciousness, where you discard each day as well as entire lifetimes then you are done and can stop reading now.

If you have chosen to shift into the higher consciousness understanding then please continue; as this is one way you can "Learn to optimize your life by living your fullest potential and lead others through the gates of heaven on earth".

It doesn't matter what you choose as there is no judgment. You have free will and free choice and some of you may need to experience more of the same, regardless of how unhappy you may be, in order to continue to become aware of and accept that you are the co-creators, the masters of your life and all of its experiences.
The value of the gift of life is the freedom to be you in any given moment.

It is the responsibility of each of us to be willing to remember that this divinity resides within us and thusly realizing, acknowledging and enacting the value of the gift of love, by supporting ourselves through self-love. This honors the truth of the preciousness of who you are and supports your life with the value it deserves.

Far too often we simply only survive, hiding our fears of self-loving expression behind rationalization. Our logic is most often filled with the "later" rather than the now. We convince ourselves we have plenty of time and we will get to it eventually, i.e. When we have more time, more money, more companionship, etc. There is always something that is perceived that needs to come first before we permit ourselves to proceed.

We have all heard the stories about the guy or gal who waited all of their lives to take the vacation and passed of a heart attack days or weeks following their retirement.

This is no different than putting the cart before the horse. In doing so, you will never get anywhere, because the horse simply cannot get around the cart and the cart is not budging without the horse to lead it.

You are engaged in the fearful behavior of making excuses for what you are afraid to do. We do this because we truly fear some loss will occur as a result of our decision. We continue to live in fear and stagnate ourselves because we have not yet realized the value of the gift of life. You may even be in fear of dying and use that as your rational to do nothing more than what you are doing now.

What you need to ask yourself is this.

Would you rather live a long miserable life, imprisoned by your fear or would you rather live even for only a few more moments in total love and peace of mind expressing what brings you joy?

So why not live rather than just survive?

Why not have a great life rather than just take up space?

Whether you are presently conscious or not; you are meant to awaken to and the value of the gift of life, the preciousness of breath and pulsing of your heart that are constant reminders of the value of your life where your higher self encased in a physical form can have multiple experiences in your own unique way utilizing all of its mastered gifts, talents and abilities, to expand the love it is out into the world.

To often we recklessly toss the preciousness of our lives aside, in pursuit of some perceived obligation. When we "shelf the self" we dishonor the divinity we are. We add insult to injury and continue to wound and damage our blessed divinity and oppress our magnificence.

When we choose strife over life, engaging in the what ifs and / or should, we are simply succumbing to fear. This compromise of self continually applied results in the loss of the sensation of our soulful spirit and we end up just existing, similar to the walking dead.

Once the soulful spirit is silenced we lose connection to our Source and we move into a self imposed mental / emotional prison that perpetuates fear. We are terrified of moving into the next moment, for no other reason than fearing the unknown. We choose misery over and over again because it is known and although painful; it is also perceived as comfortable.

Then we are stuck in a hell where we can only focus on survival rather than living where we mentally and emotionally torture ourselves by reviewing our past in fearful trepidation of recreating it, or projecting into the future, which does not yet exist. We continually engage in this unhealthy, unloving ego serving behavior, rather than appreciating the value of the gift of life.

The present moment is continuously available so we may simply live in the loving of self without expectation and/or attachment to the outcome. The value of the gift of Life is Loving self, which frees us to live our life to the fullest. Realizing, accepting and implementing the value of the gift of life allows us to be courageous enough to speak the truth aloud and then follow that heartfelt truth with right action, despite and in light of any perceived losses.
This is the only loving and honorable way to value the gift of life that is far more precious than any house, car or job. There is no more worthwhile journey you can ever embark upon. When we permit our selves to live in the value of life we then by example give license to all others to do the same. Not that they need our permission, nor do you require theirs. Others will simply find their courage in observing your successful change and be willing to follow suit.

To value the gift of your life is to live in truth and to love self without emotional and mental attachment to what was and without fear of any negative consequences being created in the future to come. It is to boldly move forward each day directed by your heart, perceiving with joy, every experience along the journey because you understand it is about the journey, not the outcome. It is to be able to look in the mirror each morning fully knowing there is no danger of the perceived unpleasantly of confrontation and accountability from another in anger, sadness or disappointment of you, because you have chosen to honor all by living in truth of self love.

The value of the gift of life is to live each precious moment in the state of love. To be in love is to live in truth by confronting our inner demons of fear and embracing them with love. Once you embark on this journey there will no longer be the necessity for the external messenger to come along to uncomfortably reflect back your lack of integrity.

To live the value of the gift of life by being in the integrity of the Truth of self, is to walk easily, breathing freely through life because within us resides a Brave Heart that is pulsing with vitality in its excitement as each moment unfolds. The heart which sings a song of confidently knowing that no matter what, you are trustworthy and will be able to trust your self to address it all with love.

Embrace all aspects of self; do not wait for anything to happen first before you can be you. Soar on the wings of freedom....unafraid to live...unafraid to love...unafraid to express your undeniable lust for the preciousness of the Gif...know and activate the Value of Life ... no matter what the outcome!

It is time to discard the old behavior of ducking and dodging as a result of denying something within you. It is time to stand in the Light of the God/Goddess I AM and to be unafraid to know the truth, speak the truth and be the truth, which will allow you to emerge from surviving darkness into the light of living.

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The Value of the Gift of Life

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The Value of the Gift of Life

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