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The Present

The Now is the Gift...that is why it is called the "Present"!

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Living in the Present!

The only way to manifest your dreams!

The Present Living in the now, full version in multiple formats to the right include; the guided transformational healing of how to let go of the painful past so you can be in the joyful moment where you are in complete control to create the magnificent magical future you desire; as well as other exercises and applications to live in the present moment.

You can Start Now with living in the moment by being present. To be present you need to Let go of the Past; which keeps you tethered to those people, places, things and or experiences you no longer have any control over so you can create a joyous present existence, as well as the Future You Desire! You deserve it!

The Present Living in the Now is Number 1 of the of the 13 Steps or Life Altering choices to effective change, to Ascend here and now where you can live in your own unique heaven on earth by getting out of the R.U.T. you are stuck in.

The Higher Understanding Choice of Love is: To live in the presence of the gift of the now.

The Lower Understanding Choice of Fear: is to stay stuck in the painful past or paralyzed in being able to move into the future.

The Present Living in the Now is the natural order of creation. If you are stuck in the painful past or fearful of the unknown future you are not engaged in the appropriate energetics to manifest what you desire now because you are out of order, you are not present in the moment.

In relationship to The Present; living in the now you will be coached in any given moment.

How to let go of the painful past so you can be in the joyful moment where you are in complete control to create the magnificent magical future you desire.

In order to reconnect and activate the natural Universal order of all things it is most important to get present. The only way to get and be present is to let go of your tormenting thoughts of the past; as well as move beyond the fear of what lies ahead in the future. For as long as your thoughts and feelings are focused on the past, or projected into the future, you are out of step with the natural order of all things.

The past is the past there is no way to change what has been despite how much thought and emotional energy you give it. Your future is dependent on what you do in the moment. You can live by victimized default, believing you are a victim of circumstances; where you recreate the same unending, unchanging cycle over and over again where the future looks the same as the past or you can heal by realizing you are indeed a very magnificent empowered being and you do have the power as well as the authority to change your focus into the present moment by changing your understanding of what took place in the past. This in turn will then change your attitude towards your future. You will look at what is as well as what is to come with out the interference of the burden of worrying about recreating what was.

If you continue to be obsessed with the past and/or the future, you will never get out of the rut or unfulfilling joyless viscous cycle you are in.

Focusing on the pain of the past in thought, conscious or not, only generates more negative feelings that will simply continue to fuel the fire of creating nothing more than a repeat of the same old past experiences in each and every present moment as well as your future to come.

Each of us has experienced some past situation involving love, money, health, choices of where to live, employment and others, that we spend far too much time revisiting in our attempts to try to figure it all out; why it happened, what we might have done to change it as well as what we might not have done that would have resulted in a different outcome.

Continuing to focus on what was is ignoring what is. The problem being your present....what is continues to be what was...lack of something rather than abundance of all wonderful things. It is a pointless mental and emotionally charged exercise in terms of desiring change. You will only end up with more of what you don't want...rather than what you desire.

You are presently cross wired with the past and or the future based on the past. If you desire to effect change than it is vitally important to connect the inner wiring properly so that you can effect positive change in terms of what you are thinking, feeling and doing in the present moment, rather than being consumed with your head turned with what was or being stuck in moving forward because you are terrified of more of the same.

When you are cross wired or have lose wires you are no different than a live wire that has been struck by lighting. The wire is angrily bouncing all over the place looking for where it properly belongs and for someone to fix it, as it is doing so it threatens harm to self as well as to all others in its immediate vicinity. Then you wonder why you are alone and believe you are abandoned. Anyone in their right mind knows better than to get close to a live randomly bouncing wire. You are charged negatively and this is dangerous for your own well being as well as for all others. You create hurtful situations and then you feel bad and sad; as well as you feel shame and believe you are guilty, which only leads to more self punishing manifestations.

One of the other ways you display cross wiring is by whining, crying and complaining all the time to everyone and anyone who is around you. This does not change the situation either, as you go from one person to another repeating your sad story; as mother used to say, you sound like a broken record or a stuck tape or a scratched disc (depending on what generation you are part of). Repeating the tale will not change the outcome of the story, it only keeps the story repeating itself. Once again you will probably find yourself alone and believing you are abandoned, as all people are trying to heal in terms of being happy and fulfilled and are bored with hearing it over and over again. This of course can lead you to be angry with the rest of the people in your life and then you shift into the live angry wire and the whole vicious cycle starts over again.

One of the ways to get all that negatively charged cross wiring into it's proper order so that you can let go of the past; is to get the proper guidance and coaching to forgive, as well as the safe and loving facilitation to let go of all those negative emotions. The order in which they are released in a healthy manner, they are felt out rather than acted out. Someone with wisdom and understanding on how to properly guide you to let go and let God/Goddess. Someone adept at coaching many just like you. Someone who understands first hand what you are experiencing. Someone who has done what they are asking you to do.

Forgiveness is one way of moving forward, it is a very powerful tool. If you are stuck in non forgiveness for what ever it is you perceive someone or something has done to you, you will continue to live in that moment of time. You are stuck there because that is where your focus is. You are continually consumed with thoughts of what they or what you could have done, what they/you did as well as what they/you did not do to effect a different outcome.

These relentless self doubting thoughts trigger the emotional body in an unhealthy way; meaning you have negative feelings associated with the thoughts. You feel sad, depressed and or angry, resentful or enraged. I could go on defining the feelings, but it is more important only to know in this moment; whether you feel good or you feel bad. It really boils down to just that. If you do not feel good about a situation in the past then it is time to forgive.

Forgiveness is one of the most important exercises that will set you free from what was and can not be changed other than your understanding and attitude about it.

Your ego; which has a need to be justified in its victimization will definitely challenge this choice, as it has been doing in other moments where you had the slightest inkling that you just might want to let it go; whatever it is. Your ego is engaged in ongoing manipulation demanding to win, with a justifiable argument of how you were right and they were wrong.

What you need to consider is this; "Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy. What is more important. I say be happy, because being right may satiate an insatiable ego for a moments time, but being right will never bring about an open heart and long lasting peace of mind. Being right over being happy simply keeps the vicious cycle going. Your perceived "Win" is only enjoyed temporarily; as sooner or later that doubt will arise again, causing you to revisit the whole situation over and over with the thoughts of what did I or they do that we shouldn't have and/or what did they/I do that we should have. Then those self doubting thoughts continue to rule your life, the emotions kick in and you feel bad again and over and over again.

So Forgiveness is a priority for letting go of the past. Forgiving them for what you think they did to you and more importantly forgiving yourself for the incorrect belief that you should have been smarter than that to begin with.

And even though you think you have surrendered to the highest good for you and all others and say you forgive, the ego still seems to kick in and take control. A good coaching facilitator will be able to catch this when you are being threatened by the ego's insatiable appetite to have control over your life.

You are a magnificent child of God/Goddess with great intelligence of the higher mind. I offer some practical coaching techniques you can use immediately in multiple formats of guided techniques.

I know the mastery of the ego and its ability to manipulate, coerce and down right trick you into believing you are accomplishing your desired goal, while all the time just leading you down the prim rose path to get pounded once again.

The guided processes are done in person, over the phone or in audio format so that you are facilitated adeptly by someone who knows the dance of the demon that resides within all of us and all of its multiple disguises. Being properly coached and facilitated will get you through the entire process, as opposed to falling short of the final resolve by thinking it all out rather than feeling it all out. There is a big difference with thinking you are angry with that of actually finally feeling and ultimately releasing the rage.

In my many years of experience as a facilitator I have seen that everyone gets stuck when it comes to the emotional body. They get the higher understanding, yet they usually don't move forward into real change until they express the oppressed negative emotions.

This is where the one on one guidance is extremely effective and most needed. A mentor is good to give you an understanding, but a coach can supply you with the day to day practice that is necessary to truly make a change in your life.

In the one on one guidance as well as the audio guided instruction for living in the present as well as for how to forgive; you are navigated through your issues that keep you from being able to live in the now, and will provide you with a safe loving environment to release the frustration, the grief, the anger, and the rage without fear of negative consequence and/or punishment.

We all suppress our emotions because we have suffered from expressing them in the past. If you were fearfully conditioned as a child to not express your anger, especially towards mommy and daddy, then you will resort to that old behavior even as an adult. There are many who also suffered terribly from expressing their joy. They weren't permitted to be happy. Either way, the painful memory of punishment encoded in the cells will surface for you each time you begin to speak your truth and you will stuff it back in where it continues to be a catalyst to more pain. The one on one guidance will free you from your fear of being you, and return you to the love of self where you are free to express in a healthy manner, whatever you are feeling in the moment you are feeling it. Learning how to allow the emotions to express when they first surface will keep you from having to revisit the past over and over again. It will keep you from bringing your past into the present and thusly it will also free up your future from being jeopardized by the unresolved past.

Letting go of the past in these ways will free you up to live in the now, the present moment.

The past is but a memory

The future is but a dream yet unrealized

The Now is the Gift...that is why it is called the "Present"!

Realizing your gift of the present moment and being free from the pain of the past as well as liberated from the fear of the future; empowers you to make the most of each and every moment. You will begin each day excited about the new adventure about to unfold. You will be filled with gratitude for what is. Upon opening your eyes, you will scan the room intentionally focusing on all the many things already in your life that you are thankful for.

Think about for a moment how you currently start your day...Pretty scary huh!

Now, Imagine starting your day with being grateful for being alive. For being grateful for having another day where exciting fun filled adventure will unfold right before your awestruck eyes where magic and miracles are occurring in every moment.

Imagine expanding beyond to the things outside of yourself that you have already created. Thanking yourself for the warm, soft bed that provides a safe, comfortable place for you to sleep soundly. Thanking yourself for your bedroom, your home.etc.

Imagine your day beginning like this, as opposed to how it has begun for far too long. Like, waking up with chronic pain, due to stress created by fear; where you dread even getting out of bed, not to mention what fearfully lies ahead. Remember how unpleasant it feels to not have what you desire all the time, the lack of a good, honest, healthy, respectful, loving relationship...the lack of money to not only pay your bills, but to do the things that are fun and adventurous, not to mention to buy the things that you like and or love for yourself and others.

Ok...that's enough of those thoughts, you have already focused on them to last you many lifetimes.

Imagine your day beginning with thoughts that inspire and encourage you to continue to get up with enthusiasm and excitement so you can move about in your brand new day, with a healthy strong body, that has nothing to do with the past. You are only engaged in happy thoughts and joyous feeling in the moment and throughout your entire day where you continually find one thing after another to be grateful for and excited about.

Get the help you need now to change your imagination into your everyday reality to assist you in shifting your understanding your attitude and your emotions, which are all equal components in manifesting what you truly desire. You can make those dreams come true because your negative thinking behavior has changed to a positive loving focus and as such you will find your future as it unfolds in the moment is far more satisfying peaceful, loving and you trust yourself to make any and all decisions big and small.

Imagine you are the master of your life because you are present, where you are a conscious co-creator having the absolute and direct influence in all of your life because you have chosen to be present and are living in the now.

is the end of Step 1, part 1 the understanding of The Present, Living in the now.

You can proceed to the Reconnection and activation of living in the presence of the gift of the now so that you can disentangle and disengage from the cross wiring of the incorrect belief that you are stuck in the painful past where you are paralyzed from moving forward into the future you desire. This is where you take the self responsibility with guided facilitated coaching to implement the higher understanding to realize, acknowledge, accept and activate the The Present Living in the Now.

You can choose from the audio, video and or personal one to one facilitation below.

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