Aura Portrait

Imagine knowing your soul mission

Imagine Having a clear road map to reach your goal

Imagine being able to follow a path with clear direction

Virtual Reality

Imagine having visual guidance

Imagine moving colorful impacting graphics to clear any road blocks along your way. All that is possible with a virtual reality aura portrait created especially for you to follow your heart's desire and soul mission.

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Aura Portraits in Motion

Watch the 3 part Video showing an example of an actual aura portrait in virtual reality

The virtual reality videos below demonstrate what you should expect in your aura portrait virtual reality video creation. Aura portraits in still or video format are a full soul reading with life coaching processes, modalities and applications to set you free from anything impeding your path to success.

In the video format you will see your still aura portrait come to life with your aura's energy in motion. As with the original Aura Portraits your video will also include your psychic reading (the translation of the portrait) in audio explaining in detail all the colors, symbols and images relating to the soul's life path and earthly mission; as well as the heart's dreams and desires and the inner transformational process that will clear all blocks so you can live in your own unique heaven on earth. 

Aura Portraits will let you see and know your place in the bigger global picture, as well as see Your Higher Self Divine Magnificence through your human likeness so you may attract Abundant Prosperity of all good things into your life! The portrait displays your divine magnificence and what it takes to align your human self with your higher self to realize your greatest potential. 

Part 1 of any aura portrait is the Heavenly Message to realign you with your Soul Mission

Aura Portraits

The video contained on this page is Part 1, 2 and 3 of an actual Aura Portrait created for a client in 2012.

Part 2 The Soul's Origin and Earthly Mission

In part 2 of an Aura Portrait Virtual Reality Video includes the Soul's origin and earthly path. You hear and see the story of where your soul originated and the path it traveled prior to coming to earth. This is where part of the soul's mission is first revealed.

Aura Portraits

Part 3 of an Aura Portrait Virtual Reality video includes the inner work/ transformational healing process; where you learn what may be blocking your path to manifesting your dreams and the applications to apply as well as the moving energy graphics to heal and move on. It also includes the Heart's Desire/Soul's intention and the final results of what your life can be like as you express your unique Divine gifts out into the world; the Global Soul Service of Your Magnificence.

Order yours today, contact Eloryia for your aura portrait virtual reality video pricing.

Aura Portraits

The video contained on this page is Part 1, 2 and 3 of an actual Aura Portrait created for a client in 2012. She has graciously allowed her reading to be used as an example of an aura portrait and reading converted into a virtual reality video. This new format is the most current inspiration to assist with living the life you desire. She herself has expressed how powerful the video format is in terms of healing and moving forward.

In this video you can experience for yourself the powerful impact the moving graphics and hearing the reading can help you as well shift from lack or any other imbalance into manifesting the life you wish to create.

Each aura portrait virtual reality video is a personal roadmap to living your own unique Heaven on Earth.

Aura Portraits

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