I am a Consciousness transformational coach/tutor committed to transforming the shattered or wounded into Divine Magnificent works of art.

I will guide you from your mundane matrix world into the miracle of the magical life you have always dreamed of.

You were never meant to be ordinary; you were born awesome.

I will compassionately guide you from whatever level of unconsciousness that is causing you to live life by default into your super consciousness where your highest intentions are manifest.

I offer an array of tools combining my intuition and artistic talent to get you safely, easily and as gracefully as you will allow through your transformation.

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My spot on soul evolution reading will disclose who you really are and diganosis the issues by pinpointing the cause and culprits that tether you to the unwanted.

You will also discover  how to to dissolve the cause and dismiss the culprits that hinder your clear path to your Divine passionate purpose.

Life Altering Guidance-Leap into 5D

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Soul Star Evolution & Activation Aura Portrait With Reading
Intuitive/Psychic Reading

Eloryia  is committed to transforming the shattered or wounded into Divine Magnificent works of art!

Humanity's challenge has always been and will continue to be, the search for union with the Divine.Your authentic self is the energy that guides you toward and into your purpose.

Eloryia is a spot on authentic intuitive reader and Consciousness Transformation tutor; born with developed intuition, and is an exceptionally gifted Channel, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Medium and Empath.

"I have only known three great Psychics in my life. I would rate Eloryia's readings as one of the best of my life. She is on or above with the great Psychics I have ever have known. Honest, direct, no games and truly Gifted ....a true blessing "- Rick G.

In my 35+ years of mentoring many worldwide, I have created many high frequency tools; as services and products that are designed to simply awaken, vibrationally align and activate the real you.
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Soul Star Evolution & Activation Aura Portraits and Paintings

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Soul Evolution - Star Seed Activation -Aura Portraits, Mandalas or Lamps

Includes portrait and Star Soul Activation Mandala; as well as a full translation; your personal mini book on your soul evolution from beginning to the now so you can activate your most magnificent self and launch your passionate purpose. Please share http://www.eloryiara.com/auraportraits.htm

"Dear Goddess Eloryia
The aura portrait and reading were such an enlightening gift! I was in awe as it so resonated with how I was feeling in the midst of all the transformation going on. As I read the 68-page document you sent, I started crying at times, because I was so touched by the accuracy of the reading.

I was mesmerized by the stunning beauty of the portraits and mandala. I have never had any kind of accurate reading before, so I was just blown away by the level of detail, the imagery, and the extraordinary color patterns. Your gifts as an intuitive guide coupled with your deep knowledge of color, frequency and symbols helped to free my spirit and activate my leadership role in big way. I am forever grateful for this most unique and stellar aura portrait reading!!! Highly recommend this service for all those on their spiritual path
.- AH, Melbourne, FL  
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Magnificent Me Mandalas and Lamps

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This particular medium representing your magnificence will fit in your life in a way that will uplift you and make you feel good.

It will dazzle your mind and uplift your heart while activating your soul star through the conscious connection to your highest frequency of super consciousness; with a sparkling symbol of your unique experiences and divine magnificence.

What better gift for your self or someone you truly care about?

Your Mandala includes a complete interpretation of the colors and symbols and how they uniquely relate to you.

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Eloryia RA Psychic Reader Intuitive Life Coach


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How do you get from where you are ....to where you want to be?

If you want to be rich, you can't focus on lack.
If you wish to be well, you cant focus on illness.
If you wish to be in a loving relationship, you can't focus on not being good enough!.

You haven't gotten what you want because you are more focused on where you are and what you DON'T HAVE in this moment. Vibrational alignment with source, is what amplifies feeling good; catapulting you directly into the realization of your desires. The more you feel good the faster you get what you want. If you want to be whole you have to focus on Oneness...Follow your heart!

Are you facing life changes, feeling lost or confused about which direction to focus on, concerned with finances, feeling unsupported, or are you simply needing a little clarity on one topic or some on going guidance to help you clear whatever it is standing in your way.

I fully understand; having been plague myself with doubt and confusion

You can discover and maintain peace of mind by having me pinpoint the real problem and providing effective solutions to eliminating the confusing and self doubting cause and culprit/s who are sabatouging your intentions.

You deserve genuine guidance and can get the help you need by one with first hand experience. One who understands a struggling existence and knows how to effectively mentor and coach you to successfully transform your life from lack to abundance.

You may be having difficulty with lack of time, money, understanding, support or other things. No matter what it is; i am mastered at clearly pinpointing the real problem and providing the solutions, so you too can discover how to get and keep the things you dream of.

If your life is still not reflective of your dreams, goals and desires; it is vitally important to root out the core cause and its unhealthy culprits; who continue to sabatouge and steal your dreams of acheiving and maintaining success in relationships, finances, careers or any other endeavor!

Get Clear on the Real Problem and Get Effective Successful Solutions.
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The Life Mastery - Magnificent Me Audio/Video Book

Do you dare dream of being happy; only to find the enthusiam quickly wanes with feelings of hopelessness; either voiced aloud or in silent thoughts of "why bother, nothing ever works for me!"

Do you find youself feeling stuck in trapped painful emotions that limit your ability to even think about being happy. I can help you let go of the pain; allowing you to feel good again.

You can gain the awareness, acknowledgement and activation of long lasting true joy! You can be guilt and shame free to follow your heart and dare to be happy.

Get the compassionate help you need to pin point the culprit and the cause of your problems and get the solutions and guidance to let go of your struggle.

"Eloryia's unique talent is unsurpassed and there is no greater joy than seeing and feeling the vibrational healing that comes through her work. It is an honor and blessing to have received from her and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance, inspiration and healing." Pamela D.
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The Life Mastery - Magnificent Me Audio - Video Book

Do you long to be free; to disentangle from all the cross wiring that causes limiting thoughts and trapped pain that has been destroying your health.

Just like you I am no stranger to pain which severly affected everything in my life; including almost completely devouring my physical health. I have liberated myself from all those less than feel good emotions.

What we think and feel translates into disease or health in the body. Get the help you deserve to be free of the past painful imprints; empowering you to create the future you desire!

One on one personal guidance designed especially for you, free webinars, audio/video instructional guidance and empowering articles; all crafted to effectively move you out of less desirable thoughts, emotions and behaviors; to successfully reaching your preferred goals in relationships, finances, careers and other business ventures.

"I can't praise Eloriya Ra enough. I am happy I found just her, in my times of need." Ann P.

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The Life Mastery - Magnificent Me Audio - Video Book

What you choose to focus on for or about yourself generates the vibrational frequency you put out to be made manifest in the world.

What this simply means; regardless of whether you realize it or not, is what you think about and how you feel about you is what you get.

Being free of all levels of pain; allows you to be fully integrated in mind, heart, body and soul. The whole, healthy, happy you who lives in the present moment and courageously expresses your precious energies, utilizing your dvine gifts, understands your life lesson and clearly knows your soul mission. This is what will change everything. You can finally leave the survival existence of your past behind to thrive in the life of your dreams!

Your life can change for the better forever when you tap into your true worth and unlock your valuable vibration. You can unleash your dreams by shifting from being invisable to having the confidence and courage to being seen and heard; as the real you; someone who has many valuable gifts and talents to contribute.

"Eloryia's guidance has changed my life in many ways. Her passion to serve and pass on the knowledge of healing and following ones own heart is amazing and I am so thankful for her mentoring. I highly recommend her! Angela P.
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The Life Mastery - Magnificent Me Audio - Video Book

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I can help you with my 30+ years expertise; coupled with compassionate understanding and many effective tools for your successful outcome!

Eloryia Ra

Consciousness Transformation Tutor
Radio Host
Published Author
Retreat Facilitator
Workshop Leader
Emotional Release Therapist
The Life Mastery-Magnificent Me Audio/Video Book (coming soon)
I am an intuitive life coach with 35+ yrs experience guiding countless women and men around the world to transform their lives so they may live the life of their dreams.

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Life Continually Changes

Life continually changes regardless of our plans. Some of it is not within our control. but how we deal with it; definitely is. Too many struggle with not fully understanding why they work so diligntly at making their life and all of it's aspect wonderful yet don't get the very things they desire. You are defnitely not alone in seeing your dreams and goals either never maniesting or vaporizng right before your eyes eves. This disturbing situation arises continuously in everyone's lives.

Over the course of the years of mentoring countless men, women and children worldwide; i have found a consistent issue related to our self worth that is most definitely stealing our dreams and as a result I have crafted very unique and specialized facilitation to help you get in touch with this core issue and root it out once and for all so you can exit that mental, emotional and physical roller coaster.

Sharing my wisdom

Being one who also struggled with the dissapointment and confusion of my dreams dissapearing; I  will give you the compassionate help you need and deserve to pin point the culprit and the cause of your problems and will guide  you tthrough the solutions  with a variety of modalites, tools and techniques; so you can gracefully and finally let go of your struggle.

You too deserve so much more than perhaps you have allowed yourself to have and I will stand by you  so you can Unlock and Unleash your Dreams to do and have what makes YOU happy.

I will compassionately share my wisdom, (knowledge gained through experience); as I facilitate you to return to the greatest and truest love, the love of self. Where you are free to express your greatest and most joyful expression and be supportive for all others to do the same.

You are not alone

For many years I have been referred to as the "Angel Lady" as a result of my devotion to assisting each and every individual I encounter to realize, accept and enact their true and valuable worth.

In my many years of mentoring, I have found the biggest obstacle to staying focused on to create what you want, is directly related to the underlying core issue of the illusion of separation resulting in thinking and feeling bad because of losing touch with your inherent worth and faith and trust in yourself. Not knowing your true value causes a crippling belief of being unworthy and results in a life that lacks all wonderful things.

Most individuals, despite what they proclaim aloud, or how they physically appear, have yet to realize they are magnificent and their own true love and more than deserving of a thriving, lavish life. Read More

dedicated to your success

I am dedicated to the mission of guiding you in creating the life you desire including prosperity in love, finances and health or anythiing else you deem desirable.

I expertly and lovingly guide you to discover any and all false beliefs seated in the subconscious; that is really in control of the outcomes you get.

With my life liberating applications and modalities, I will gently and safely guide you on a magical journey to open your heart, mind and soul, forever leaving behind your fears that have kept you prisoner from moving forward with your joyful life intentions.

"Eloryia's work engenders a true sense of faith and trust while rendering an authentic, effective and successful change with those who engage her services. "  J. Fabian, Minister

You will be inspired, encouraged and supported in your development, as my goal is to help you become a whole, self-confident, self-trusting, heart centered individual who is clear on what you want and courageous in taking the necessary steps to accomplish all your dreams.

It matters not whether it is your personal or business life, with my guidance and coaching, you can overcome any visious cycles of existence or sudden crisis to manifest all of your dreams.

You will learn to live in a state of love rather than in conditioned fear. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that "being in Love" as opposed to "being in fear", will plant you firmly in the present moment where you will find the freedom to do what if right for you. You will know that absolutely anything you can dream of is possible to manifest into your everyday life.

My focus when working with you... is you! I am dedicated to helping you have the life you have always desired with my life altering coaching techniques as they specifically work for you.

You will learn to take the time necessary to focus on you without suffering guilt and shame.  The important part is that each and every modality is applied so it works for you the individual.

You will become aware of and learn how to use the tools that work best for your liberation; to transform the negative of who you are into the positive of who you wish to be.

You no longer have to live how many are currently choosing; in crisis and panic expecting the other shoe to drop at any moment. You do not have to participate in the belief that you will lose everything by choosing to take care of you.


The help you need is available right here and now.

My coaching is a positive, creative approach and is designed to coach you to turn life's "adversities" into valuable transformational tools. In addition to this, it's about assisting you to tune into your own inner guidance so you may begin to find the answers you seek, thru your inner authority and in so doing, fulfill your life purpose and manifest your dreams.

The benefits are many:
A  vibrant strong physical body
A peaceful mind
An open loving heart

You will learn how to live in the moment and to make choices large and small by listening to your own inner authority of your heart. You will clear all mental and emotional blocks that keep you from moving forward with full faith and trust in self.

I will personally guide you to your wholeness . You will be guided to:being fully conscious of "HOW TO" stay in the present moment, the "NOW" by releasing the past through higher understanding, and learning specific techniques of how not to project any thought or image into the future other than what you truly desire to manifest.

You will learn methods to acknowledge, forgive and release suppressed emotions, and deep core issues, embedded within your molecular structure, which keep you from being the divine magnificence you are! i.e. Doing what is best for you, rather than what you perceive you are obligated to do for another/s

You will gain your personal freedom to be yourself through resolve and closure of old abuse and/or trauma behavior.

You can have the Freedom to be your authentic self, realizing all your heart's desires and life's complete intent.