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Manifestation Mandala
Your Personal Empowering Mandala in video motion created from the high frequency  colors and symbols in your Aura! See sample and find out more

Life Liberating Guidance to Transform Your Life and Fulfill Your Dreams

Eloryia (Heart Song) RA-Your Gifted Intuitive Guide who can pinpoint your real problems and provide easy and practical solutions.

Are you facing Life changes and feeling lost or confused about which direction to focus on?
Are you concerned with finances?
Are you feeling unsupported?
Or are you simply needing a little clarity ?

Would you like clear guidance to transform your present conditions of merely existing in a life that doesn't match your desired dreams or goals? I assist you with repair through release to restore your authentic self through readings, aura soul evolution portraits, monthly guidance and retreats.

You have landed in the right place and I can help you. You Can...Reach your goal of honest, respectful, loving relationships, abundant finances and mental and physical health. Disappear your perceptions of abandonment and betrayal. Land the job you crave, or find a clear entrepenuerial path to monetizing your precious gifts and talents.

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"Eloryia RA has genuine insight ! Her talent is multifaceted and she is a true light and blessing in our world."- Janet Faubian, Metaphysical Minister.