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Eloryia has genuine insight ! Her talent is multifaceted and she is a true light and blessing in our world. Janet Faubian, Metaphysical Minister

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Ascension; How to Live Heaven on Earth, Law of Attraction Spiritual Life Coach....Intuitive Healer, Psychic Rader, Artist and Author Eloryia RA, is a spot on Intuitive psychic reader, workshop leader, emotional release facilitator, Clairvoyant, Reader, Radio Talk show Host, Artist, published author of "Ascension, The Awakening" , and the "Magnificent Me, The Highway to Heaven on Earth.

Eloryia RA playfully shares her wisdom and knowledge gained through experience of the accelerated path to living Heaven on Earth. She has facilitated hundreds worldwide to return to the greatest and true love, the love of self.

Her work engenders a true sense of faith and trust, while rendering an authentic, effective and successful change within each of those who engage her services.

When you become more aware, knowledegable and in tune with your higher self and the laws of the universe, you will then and only then begin to see miraculous change in your life.

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" In An Aura Portrait or Intuitive Psychic Reading, I share with you your unique Soul story from your higher consciousness infinite self, it's evolution and life mission with images and words to help you remember and embrace the truth of you and the love you are, so  you can easily and gracefully aspire to your greatness, ...because you already are magnificent.
When you know you are your own True Love, you are free to express your greatest and most joyful expression and be supportive for all others to do the same." Eloryia RA

For many years Eloryia has been referred to as the “Angel Lady and/or Elfin” as a result of her playful loving devotion to assisting each and every individual she encounters to realize, accept and enact their Divine Magnificence.

She expertly and lovingly guides all to release their old limiting beliefs and stagnant emotional pain; so they can raise their consciousness from what they previously perceived was done to them, to the greater understanding of what was divinely orchestrated for their highest good.

With her multi-faceted applications and modalities, she will gently and safely guide you on a magical journey to open your heart and mind to free your Spirit, forever leaving behind your limiting fears that have kept you prisoner from moving forward with your soul's joyful life intentions.

Her work engenders a true sense of faith and trust, while rendering an authentic, effective and successful change with each of those who engage her services.

Eloryia invites you to step up to your heart to be guided to your greatest authority who resides within you.

The time is now to change individually; to become the Magnificent ME, so we may collectively reside in Heaven on Earth where we consciously follow our hearts to a live each moment supported by our super consciousness and is in every moment full of abundance of peace, love, joy, health and well being for all.

The Secret Ester Hicks DVD is highly recommended by Eloryia RA, who has found it to be one of the most masterful tools available on the Planet today.

Inspired by The Secret, combined with her own 30+ years of experience as a Spiritual advisor; Eloryia has developed a new effective practical program, entitled Ascension to assist you in successfully applying the Universal Laws so you can change your life for the better forever.

Eloryia has guided many out of their self imposed conditioned fear into the state of love; where they trust in the love of self and their innate gifts and talents. See Testimonials

As a result of Eloryia's life long work, you can now benefit from her years of practical experience and acquired wisdom and knowledge. She is One who has been guided by many Law of Attraction Masters and has already tread the path before you. She has Ascended from a fearful impoverished life to love filled prosperity and peace of mind.

You do not have to fall prey to the mass consciousness of depression on all levels. You can rise above it all and have a completely different experience, as you learn to be your own divine authority. Eloryia's guidelines for you, as well as everyone else, are not based on mundane manmade laws, they are based on "Universal Laws".

There is no secret to laws of the universe; they are simply unchanging, they remain consistent regardless of whether you are conscious of them or not, and/or believe in them or not. They remain unchangeable despite what is happening in the world and it's current state of economics.

When you become more aware, knowledgeable and in tune with the laws of the universe, you will then and only then begin to see clearly how the Law of Attraction work really works and  experience miraculous change in your life.

The "law of attraction", and it's many modalities of application, is for  everyone. Becoming adept at this universal law can undoubtedly be accomplished by all, including you.

One of the key points in the Law of Attraction, is that it is vitally important to stay focused on what you desire to manifest, rather than what you don't want, ....as what you focus on is what you will create in your life.

If you focus on love, love is what you will get. If you focus on the lack of love or the lack of anything else for that matter, money, health, etc.; you will only continue to create more lack of that particular thing.

You are the Master of your life! Not your job, not your employer, not the government. You can create the prosperous life, you have only up to now, just dreamed about.

It is simple, easy and most importantly affordable. Eloryia will provide you with one on one instruction by phone, Skype, email or face to face. No matter where you are in your life right now, you can jump right in and get started.

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