Aura Paintings

Have your aura painting done for what's going on right here and now; so you can not just see what colors and symbols are in your aura, but know the meaning of each color and every symbol of how it applies to where you are presently in your life  and what is either blocking your desired outcome or supporting and contributing to your intentions regarding finances, relationships and more!

Aura Paintings are normally done face to face or byZoom!

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Magnificent Me Mandalas

Your Soul Evolution / Aura Reading created as a 12 " Round mosaic art glass with your soul's colors and symbols; representing your magnificence will fit in your life in a way that will uplift you and make you feel good.

It is a piece of empowerment that will dazzle your mind and uplift your heart while activating your soul star through the conscious connection to your highest frequency of super consciousness; with a sparkling symbol of your unique experiences and divine magnificence.

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About Eloryia's Readings

I am committed to transforming the shattered or wounded into magnificent works of art!

My readings are different than other readings. I am a reader/healer with highly developed intuition and perception giving me the ability to clearly see your Auric and Merkabah fields and Akashic records .

With that I can provide you a reading that is all inclusive with the information of your souls evolution from beginning to now and beyond.

They reveal who you really are and what your hearts desires and soul's mission or intentions are. They also include a section specifically for your inner healing transformational techniques, methods and applications that may be causing any interference with you activating the magnificent soul star you are and living your passionate purpose for yourself and to aid all of humanity.

You can order a reading by phone or zoom, or as an aura portrait displaying all your beautiful mastery of color and important images and symbols or as a sparkling mosaic glass mandala; either are your personal power tools to free you from limitations and to help you stay focused and expand you  into your highest intent.

Aura Portraits

Through your Soul Evolution Aura portrait, transformational soul star activating mandala and full written reading you will experience a joyful reunion with your true authentic divine self.

"I am amazed at the beauty and profound guidance you have given to me in your portrait and extremely detailed reading. I cannot convey in words the change this has brought immediately into my life. All the things I was asking for without speaking one word to you. Simply astounding! Thank you Star SisStar, I look forward to working with you again very, very soon. D. S. California!

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Regular Readings by Phone or Zoom
These 1/2, 1 hour or 1 1/2 hr readings do not include a portrait, painting or mosaic glass mandala.
These readings are a general reading of your present situation and will include Q & A.

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Eloryia has an exceptional ability to see Auras. Your Aura is the tool she uses when your order a reading. She can interpret all the colors and symbols surrounding you and excels at integrating the Spiritual wisdom with your everyday world and how it gracefully blends together giving you all the practical answers you are seeking.

Although she is adept at many other tools of divination; a psychic reading based on your aura will give you all the things you need or want to know. Her readings are like clearly defined road maps to reach your greatest potential and desired goals. They will help you build confidence so you can move beyond hidden obstacles that may be blocking your way to realizing your dreams.

She will be extremely compassionate, supportive, encouraging, inspiring and fun; as she helps you overcome any road blocks you are encountering; as well as help you find the courage necessary to move forward to create the life you dream about!

Eloryia truly believes you are already magnificent and destined to be great. She knows beyond a shadow of a doubt you absolutely deserve it all...abundance of love, health and money and can give you the clarity you need to set you firmly on your path of prosperity. She can help you out of the darkness and into the light, and has been referred to as the "Angel Lady" as a result of her devotion to assisting each and every individual she encounters to realize, accept and enact their Divine Magnificence.

It matters not what aspect of your life you need clarity in (relationships, health, wealth, career, passed lives, deceased love ones, spirit guides or your own soul mission; your aura holds all the information of who you are as a soul, your past lives and your present situation.

In order to get the answers you are looking for and the supportive compassionate guidance you need; choose a reading by Eloryia and with her clear guidance you will be able to shift quickly out of any rut you may have find yourself in.

Besides your personal life; Eloryia can also support you in your business ideas and ventures.

You can have her use her intuitive nature to help you know the right marketing techniques that are best for the energy of your unique products or services. Having a reading from Eloryia is sure to place you firmly on the path of manifesting the life of your dreams!

Eloryia is also an Artist, published Author and writes many inspiring self-help articles. She is a radio host, a workshop leader and retreat facilitator. Her work engenders a true sense of faith and trust, while rendering an authentic, effective and successful change with each of those who engage her services.

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"Eloryia RA has genuine insight ! Her talent is multifaceted and she is a true light and blessing in our world. Janet Faubian, Metaphysical Minister"

Psychic - Intuitive
Transformation Life Coach 
Radio Host
Published Author

Retreat Facilitator
Workshop Leader
Emotional Release Therapist


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