Aura Soul Star Evolution & Life Purpose Portrait +

Through your Aura portrait, transformational soul star activating mandala and full written reading you will experience a joyful reunion with your true authentic divine self.

"I am amazed at the beauty and profound guidance you have given to me in your portrait and extremely detailed reading. I cannot convey in words the change this has brought immediately into my life. All the things I was asking for without speaking one word to you. Simply astounding! Thank you Star SisStar, I look forward to working with you again very, very soon. D. S. California!

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Your aura portrait will also include a second image of your Soul Star Activation Mandala.

It is a crystalized kaleidescope version of your portrait.
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Soul Evolution - Star Seed Activation -Aura Portraits, Mandalas or Lamps

Includes portrait and Star Soul Activation Mandala; as well as a full translation; your personal mini book on your soul evolution from beginning to the now so you can activate your most magnificent self and launch your passionate purpose. Please share

"Dear Goddess Eloryia
The aura portrait and reading were such an enlightening gift! I was in awe as it so resonated with how I was feeling in the midst of all the transformation going on. As I read the 68-page document you sent, I started crying at times, because I was so touched by the accuracy of the reading. I was mesmerized by the stunning beauty of the portraits and mandala. I have never had any kind of accurate reading before, so I was just blown away by the level of detail, the imagery, and the extraordinary color patterns. Your gifts as an intuitive guide coupled with your deep knowledge of color, frequency and symbols helped to free my spirit and activate my leadership role in big way. I am forever grateful for this most unique and stellar aura portrait reading!!! Highly recommend this service for all those on their spiritual path.- AH, Melbourne, FL   More Testimonials
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Full Reading +

With your aura portrait and Mandala you will also recieve a full translation of the portrait. A full reading based on your true authentic soul self, past life experiences and your present life soul mission.

It will define any challenges you have been facing, any blocks that need clearing and the tools and techniques to accomplish freeing yourself to be the real you!

"Dear Eloryia, Thank you so much for the beautiful aura portrait you made for me! It's impossible to express in words what a wonderful experience reading and looking at it has been.." M.V. Finland

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All About Aura Portraits

See, know and feel your authentic self so you get from where you are where you want to be?

Through your Aura portrait, transformational soul star activating mandala and full written reading you will experience a joyful reunion with your true authentic divine self.

The portraits even as they are being created instantly begin to heal anything through color therapy; on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. They continually help you grow, unfold and expand to be the real you. They will assist with the repair of your spiritual DNA so that you are completely energetically plugged into the real you. They will gracefully transform your present state of consciousness; uplifting you to super consciousness; where you are able to gracefully allow a life of abunance of all wonderful things.

An aura portrait package takes 8+ hours to complete. It will help you cut through the chase of trying to figure out what is keeping you from reaching your desired outcomes; because you get the missing piece/s to the puzzle of your wholeness; as well as the tools, techniques or modalities to make that shift and transform with grace.

Your aura soul star activation portrait will launch you into fully engaging in your true soul mission-passionate purpose to live your Light Leagcy!

Aura Portraits display your Divine Magnificence and reveal your soul's true value and worth, its energies, gifts, life lesson and mission; as well as the techniques to overcome erroneous belief systems and release stagnating emotions. You will also learn how to properly create a successful and prosperous heart centered, soul driven enterprise on a Global scale. All portraits include full reading and Mandala. Portrait, Mandala and Full Reading Included.

"We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us is something valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit." E. E. Cummings

I tell your Soul's unique story, it's evolution, heart intention and life mission with images and words to help you remember and embrace the truth of you and the love you are, so you can easily and gracefully aspire to your greatness, because you already are magnificent.

How is an Aura Portrait Created

Many of you have asked me how I create an Aura Portrait and as such I have provided an explanation to the best of my ability.

My tool of divination is that of "knowingness". This particular gift is difficult at best to articulate. I simply know and I trust that I know, using my feelings to navigate my way to create your portrait. It can be described as Clairsentience, which means clear sensing, the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five senses

All Aura Portraits and or Vision Quest Portraits and Spiritual Guide portraits take approximately 5-8 hours to create the portrait and then translate the comprehensive reading. Double that time if a portrait contains 2 people.

I have an inventory of images, painted, sketched and photographed, collected over many years. From that inventory I pull the symbols and images that relate to you, as I am guided by your higher self to do so. I also continually add to that inventory of images as guided to do so. I take the raw images and apply numerous effects from photo software and continuously add those to my inventory as well.

When I receive your photo; I look at it for a moment to view your aura and listen to instructions coming from your Higher Self. Then I go into my inventory and just automatically choose from that inventory the images and symbols that will be used for the portrait. I truly don't think about it, it is all automated within me due to my trust in self from many years of experience of living in the moment and listening to spiritual guidance.

Then all the pieces of the puzzle of the highest aspect of you combined with the healing information necessary for you in the moment as well as what you are truly intending to manifest into the world, (Soul Mission) are combined in layers in a specific order.

I am then guided to fine detail the portrait with cutting, coloring and placement of each symbol or image. Some times, even to my surprise entirely new images and/or symbols are created as a result of your individual uniqueness and they are added to the inventory for use in other portraits.

Imagine that, the energy of the soul you are is already moving forward to assist another by creating itself as an energetic image for them to see and heal.

Although similar images appear in others portraits; they are used in color and placement chosen uniquely for the individual. I really don't understand the use or placement of the symbol or image as I am creating the portrait; as I am simply too busy listening to the creative aspect of your higher self and mine as well and do not spend any time attempting to figure it all out.

I don't question, I just do. If I questioned, the whole process of creating a portrait, would take ten hours or more rather than the 7 or 8 they already require due to the depth of the multi-levels of the portrait and reading.

I am simply listening to your higher self instruct me on what to put in, what colors it should be and where they should be placed. Often times the portrait is totally rearranged after the initial arrangement because energies are already working in terms of your healing and integrative process, as I am creating your portrait. It really is an amazing process, I stay out of thinking it all through and am present with the higher aspect of you and me, feeling and listening to direction for your highest good.

Many of you who have already had your portrait created have noticed that weight and age, as well as props, such as eye glasses, for seeing clearly on the physical level, are removed from your image. This is so you can see with your own eyes what you look like in all your glory. The higher self does not carry extra weight because it is fully in love, rather than in fear; thusly needing no protective armor for any reason. It knows love needs no shield because love is the shield and it exists by breathing in the love!

Your higher self is youthful and not aged, because it lives in love and joy rather than fear and stress.

Your higher self needs not glasses, because it is willing to see all clearly, again it has no fear, as it views everything through those rose colored glasses of loving compassion.

You will recognize yourself through your eyes, the windows of the soul. If the eyes are sagging due to age or some other physical condition...the eyes are opened to help you as your human aspect see more clearly.

As information arises in your aura portrait within the imagery and or symbols that relate to healing an incorrect belief about self or a habit that is causing you to continue to cycle through pain and despair...those images will be altered with healing energies in the form of lights, stars and or other images and symbols over laying them or lovingly supporting the healing in a graceful, easy manner like the God-Goddess you are.

The God- Goddess exists in all of us, regardless of whether or not we are presently in male or female form. The Goddess or God may appear as the wounded aspect, the part of self that has been oppressed.

If the God or Goddess is wounded and oppressed how can they join in loving harmony in order to birth the magical magnificent child that you are!

This is why there may be a great deal of reference to the either in each portrait in the form of symbol and color, as well as words to bring more understanding in the reading to the mental body.

My guides and mentors, especially Archangel Raphael, who resides over the earthly realm during the Golden Age of Heaven on earth and replaces Archangel Michael, whose responsibility it was to awaken us in order to realize our divinity so we can live in heaven on earth, have often joked with me as I create the portraits; that we are creating new age glamour portraits.

Those of you who are old enough will remember when there was the opportunity to go get pampered like a star where multiple layers of makeup and hair reconfiguration was applied so you could see your potential.

The aura portraits are a higher level of can see your divine beauty emanating through your human aspect and as you gaze upon this, you trigger the lower mind to hold this image and vision and thusly you become what you see.

I do not figure this all out before I begin....if I even tried, you would never get to see the final portrait because I wouldn't be able to do it...I would be too busy thinking about doing it and most likely would be paralyzed in the fear of making a mistake.

In the reading/translation aspect of your aura portrait, all of the information pertaining to each symbol and/or image is channeled through me in the form of writing. This too is automatic and I am equally delighted as I am enlightened in the moment of reading as I write all the information regarding who you are as a soul/spirit and what you need to do in order to heal on any level so that you can be fully integrated in mind, body, heart and soul to be free to express your all knowing/ divine magnificence.

The all knowingness is also known as the higher aspect of you, listening to that inner authority comes with practice in each and every moment of practicing with multiple tools of expression, as a result the trust and faith in self is strengthened and you gain courage to continue to follow the voice of your heart.

Actually listening to your inner voice and following your heart is something I can not do for you, I can only share with you the tools that have worked for me and hundreds of others to be at peace in trusting and loving self.

You will often find symbols and or colors that are similar or the same as in other portraits. This is because Spirit keeps the symbols consistent for certain meanings to help us all understand more clearly, liken to road signs. We all recognize a stop sign because it is consistent in its shape and color throughout our country. Spirit uses signs and symbols to communicate with us all the time.

Having a portrait created, also awakens one to learning how to read the more subtle signs and symbols used by Spirit when communicating a message to us.

You will find even more similarities in family and or friends portraits as well as readings, this is because these individuals make up your mini soul group who are those that you spend most of your life with and or time with and all are reflecting to one another both that of which is magnificent within them and that which needs to be healed.

That is why you are friends and family to begin with, both the dark and light of each is attracting the dark and light of the other that is being expressed in a similar manner, even though the expressions of each may appear to be polar opposites, the core of it is the same.

An example would be, one appears to be overly outgoing and the other very shy these two at first glance appear to be completely the opposite of one another. Both may be suffering from a lack of self confidence, simply expressing it differently. So they come together for the sake of healing and balancing. They may be opposite in their expression but at the core the issue is the same.

Some friends and family members will have further similarities because they are engaged as a soul group with a particular mission, yet some will differ in the sense that they have their own unique way of accomplishing the sacred contract with self and all others.

I explain this because often I hear "my friend or family member or even a stranger's portrait looks similar to mine and or the reading says some of the same things". The ego of us wants to be better and believe it or not, worse than others this is where it gets it strokes and sense of importance. So it objects at times seeing that it is not so different either in its magnificence or in its imbalance.

Yet, the soul, the spirit revels in this it finds joy in the likeness, as it knows we are all ONE and have had multiple similar experiences and in this all are supported in overcoming the illusion of separation so we can feel compassion for one another rather than judgment and thusly return to the LOVE of the ONE to live in harmony in what we term heaven on earth!

New Virtual Reality Audio-Video Aura Portraits Your Aura Portrait video with moving energetic graphics and your reading in audio format; to help launch you into the life you desire!

Imagine knowing your soul mission

Imagine Having a clear road map to reach your goal

Imagine being able to follow a path with clear direction

Imagine having visual guidance

Imagine moving colorful impacting graphics to clear any road blocks along your way.

All that is possible with a virtual reality aura portrait created especially for you to follow your heart's desire and soul mission.

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