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Aura Portraits for Pets.
Give your dog, cat or other pet a voice
through a aura portrait for their healthy loving development.

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"Thank you so much for the amazing portraits and readings for Ginger and Tiger. Once again, I'm saying to myself "Wow! How did Eloryia know?" Thank you for helping us understand these dear souls better -  I wish we had done this earlier . Those two are such a blessing in so many untold thanks for speaking on behalf of our dear friends in life. Much love & blessings! "E.K., Canada

"Thank you very much Eloryia for the amazing Aura Portraits. It was so fascinating to read and as loved as they are it was the right thing to do in order to better understand and appreciate what they are all about as I feel they are both Heaven's gifts." Much Love, T. Canada

Eloryia has been inspired by the pets of the world to translate on their behalf so that those charged with their guidance and care know how to attend to them properly.

A pet's aura portrait with a full reading Gives the caretaker/guardian a clear understanding of the precious soul that is under their temporary guidance.

The reading part of the portrait allows the pet a strong confident voice that they deserve just like a child; so they can be heard regarding who they truly are and what is right for them. Readings without portraits are also available by phone and or email.

Don't allow your precious pet to fall prey to the same unhealthy programming that you suffered from.

Your pet is a magnificent soul and you can give your precious pet the chance in life they deserve to be known for who they truly are and what is most appropriate for them. Assist them in staying in peace and joy by helping them follow their heart...not yours!

They are inherently entitled to a "say" in their mental, emotional, physical and especially spiritual development.

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Order an aura portrait with reading for your pet, your child or yourself as it is important to remember and understand who you are so you can better attend to the same for your pet.

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Eloryia RA Aura Portrait Artist and Psychic
"Eloryia RA has genuine insight ! Her talent is multifaceted and she is a true light and blessing in our world. Janet Faubian, Metaphysical Minister"

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