Spirit Animal Guide Portrait and Reading

Spirit Animal Guide Totem Portraits
Integrative Mandala and Full Reading Included

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Spirit Animal Guide Totem Portrait

Find Out which Spirit Animals surround you and the medicine teaching each of them guides you with to follow an illuminated path to your highest and best good.

"This Spiritual Animal Totem Guide Portrait brings a depth of gratitude I can't express in words for your truly inspired and inspiring reading, portrait and mandala.

Your insights and channeled information is exactly what I need right now to take me further into the unknown, trusting when I cannot see and do not know.

The fuchsia/violet and turquoise/blue are colors I always find most comforting and are power colors for me. Now I understand why. I welcome all the new animal guides into my awareness, and open my consciousness to all they have to teach me.

I call upon the medicine of four directions, the above, below and within often as I walk this Red Road, knowing there is power in being connected to Earth Mother, the Elements, and the Spirit Beings. I feel so very honored to feel wrapped in the love of the Unseen Ones.

I am ready to step more completely into the center of my mastery in a leadership role and appreciate the help of the mandala to do that. I value the help your work presents as that time has now arrived and courage is called for.

Once again, thank you! May you be surrounded with the Holy Light of Love, D.W. Oregon

Animal Medicine Totem Portrait, Integrative Mandala and Reading Your Animal Medicine Totem portrait is a combination of your aura in respect to your heavenly higher consciousness combined with the earthly elements; particularly the animal spirits who assist you with integrating and grounding in your unique heaven on earth. Your animal spirit guides surround you and work with you to balance and harmonize all aspects of you so that your life is guided with clarity and flows smoothly.

"Thank you so much.This speaks to me more than any other reading I have ever had...I have no doubts that it is myself.", D.R.

Each of your nine totem animals; representing East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within and to the Right and Left of you carries a particular teaching specifically for you. Each of your animal spirit guides wishes for you to pay attention to the teaching and medicine they carry to assist you in bringing to fruition your soul's intention by reaching your greatest potential while in physical form. Your totem portrait is blended and created with specific colors of your aura; as your soul has a full hearted intention of reaching your greatest potential here on earth and the colors as well as the spiritual animal guides are very important to guide you to full healing so you may realize all your dreams. I create your portrait by going into meditation to connect with your higher self and am guided by them to choose 9 cards from the "Medicine Cards" by Sams & Carson; to determine which animal sits in what direction around you. Then images are digitally created of the animals and they are appropriately placed in your portrait.

"Thanks so much for the beautiful Totem Portrait & reading! As I was reading it, I was crying because it sounded so much like the truth! And thanks so much for this valuable information. I will re-read it again and again." Love, M. A.

Once your portrait is complete, it is recreated as a kaleidoscope to produce your Integrative Animal Totem Mandala. (See below) As in the healing mandalas that accompany an Aura Portrait, your Integrative Mandala if used correctly will keep you consciouly intending and moving in the direction of your dreams. Your reading may include excerpts from the Medicine Cards and Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews, as well as the personal directly channeled information specifically for you from your animal spirit guides who make up your animal medicine totem.

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Spirit Animal Guide Totem Portrait
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