The Life Mastery Series

Be the Real You...Magnificent Me! An Audio Video Book of Compassionate, Effective and Successful Guidance

This unique program is designed to assist balancing all aspects of your life by repairing and restoring everything that makes up the whole of your life; while integrating your heart, mind, body and soul to be your authentic self! This is the natural guided path that holds the steps to Effective, Successful, Life Liberating Change.

The 8 step series is empowering guidance in audio video book format from the convenience of your home!

It is crafted with vital information coupled with effective tools and exercises gathered over the course of thirty plus years.

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Personalized Sessions

Individual Personally Guided Transformational Healing. Private Session by phone, Skype or in person; as a single hour to an hour and a half session based on a specific issue like, Financial Abundance, Shifting Stuck Relationships, Accepting Change and More!

"Thank you so much for this healing process. The exercise we did today was so powerful and I feel so empowered. You are so gifted and I know that with all my experiences I too will make a difference in someone's healing. I can feel the energy shifting within me. You are a blessing. I am ready for this...I am done with surviving and I am ready to LIVE!!!"

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Free Gift

A free gift of a guided meditation to jump start your ability to help you change your life in 15 minutes.

Life is full of reoccurring painful experiences and unexpected, unwelcome situations; that may cause us to lose our mental and emotional footing in any given moment; which can also extend to physically painful problems or diseases.

This free gift is lovingly offered to you; to help you in right now or in any given moment to instantly balance out and return to a happy, peaceful, loving state.

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Eloryia RA Intuitive Psychic Life Coach

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Compassionate and Experienced

In the Life Mastery Series or Private personal sessions (available now just click thru slide image to choose the session you resonate to); I will provide you with compassionate understanding guidance and empowering tools and techniques you need to transform your life from a meaningless mess; where your dreams are continuously interrupted by mental, emotional, or physical pain to embracing your true worth and living a passionate purpose It can literally transform all aspects of your life; including relationships, finances, jobs, careers and more!

A Journey back to restore the real you. Either the audio/video book or personal guidance will transform you from a state of meaningless to living your Magnificence....your True Self and your True Love; with a Clear Road Map To Live Heaven On Earth. It is a course that will lift you out of your all consuming, limiting fear into unconditional love. Transforming you from merely surviving to thriving in a joyful lavish life; filled with abunance of all wonderful things.

This unique program is designed to assist you in healing and integrating your heart, mind, body and soul to be your authentic self! The natural path with the real Steps to Effective, Successful, Life Liberating Change.

Dance like no one is watching

Sing like no one is listening

Love like you've never be hurt

Live in Heaven on Earth!

The Life Mastery Series an 8 step program with empowering guidance in audio video book format is specifically crafted so you can access the mentoring you need at any time from the convenience of your home!

It is crafted with vital information coupled with effective tools and exercises gathered over the course of thirty plus years.

"Eloryia's teachings have changed my life In many ways. She follows her heart and intuitive guidance in everything she does. Her passion to serve and pass on the knowledge of healing and following ones own heart is amazing and I am so thankful for her teachings, mentoring, and readings over the years. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity and learning how to follow ones own heart." Angela P.

Of course there are many other programs and coaches that can help you accomplish something similar. Yet my personalized programs crafted with my ability to cut thruough the chase because I have the extra gift of seeing through you clearly; are to make sure you move through this your life changes successfully.

"Eloryia's unique talent is unsurpassed and there is no greater joy than seeing and feeling the vibrational healing that comes through her work. It is an honor and blessing to have received from her and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance, inspiration and healing." Pamela D.

I am an intuitive life coach with 30+ yrs experience guiding countless women and men around the world to transform their lives so they may live the life of their dreams.

I am also a published author, artist, founder of the Rainbow Ranch, Sacred Garden retreat, co-founder of the Light Workers Directory, a featured television guest and a radio host.

You get the compassionate help you need and deserve to pin point the culprit and the cause of your problems and get the solutions to let go of your struggle; so you can Unlock and Unleash your Dreams to do and have what makes YOU happy.

"I wanted to share with you that the results from one of my many tools also confirms how Eloryia's gift should not ever be underestimated. The tools are so completely in-line with the guidance. I'll use the tools needed to assist in the process of eliminating the internalize blocks that Eloryia so graciously brought into the light. I will remember that "I AM" the greatest resource in the process. Everything and everyone works together. Thank you Eloryia!!! B.V. Colorado

The time has come to bring those beautiful images, ideas and plans to life. This is where we really begin to visualize your dreams to manifest them into your everyday world. The time has come to start using these incredible tools to create a better life forever!

Working together with allows you to let the greater good of all surface above your own ego. Once you are aligned with your higher self and begin to live in the state of love; it's time to express the real you to the world.

Regardless of whether you participate in one on one personal guidance, or a group retreat; you can have the undivided attention you deserve for the details of your unique life experiences.

The Life Mastery - Magnificent Me audio/video Book. Click to order today

The personal one on one facilitation is with Eloryia by phone or Skype. Schedule Today

There are no hidden cost or an upsell that you have to buy later on. The Life Mastery Magnificent Me audio/video book, or the personalized Private healing sessions are designed specifically for you for your issues or blocks and will give you what you need in the present moment.

Although I do offer a wonderful retreat in a magical supportive environment, many times throughout the year that is only available for my clients. You do not need the retreat nor is it required for you to be able to reach your goal of transforming your life for the better forever.

Yet it is intentional crafted to practice being who you truly are. Away from the distractions of everyday life. A fun and empowering retreat to meet and spend time with many others who have chosen to live a life of their dreams; while making an impacting positive difference in the world!

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You can move thru the Life Mastery Series - Magnificent Me audio/video book at your own pace. If you wish to transform more quickly, you do not have to wait for a week to week or month to month webinar. The guidance and exercises are always available to you day or night.

It is packed with compassionate guidance. insightful information, guided meditations and empowering life altering tools.

It is available at an extremely affordable price of only $19.95. The book includes the personal transformations you see in the slide show. Available immediately with a few clicks to download. Order today!

You can get started today!

The audio/video guidance from the convenience of your home, is designed to help you truly transform by pinpointing your real problems and providing the genuine solutions for life liberating, long lasting results for peace of mind, strong vibrant body and a happy heart.

Applying the real resolve to overturn the deep seeded cellular based issues; is what needs to happen to stop that negative critic, the inner saboteur, who resides in fearful conditioned incorrect beliefs, and cannot seem to help itself from destroying your dreams just before they are manifest.

The amazing results for me and hundreds of others and now for you as well, is you can be liberated from fearful limitations that cause you to experience a mere survival existence; to living a life of intentional passionate purpose.

You can leap into a lavish joyful life; fueled with the highest vibration of expansive unconditional Love.

You can be a purposeful heart centered creator; who manifest only that of which brings you joy through the vibration of Love.

Love carries with it all of the wonderful things that you have long desired; an abundance of self -trust, peace of mind, vibrant health and extraordinary finances.... where anything and everything is possible!

You not only deserve to; but can be empowered to live your own unique Heaven on Earth; as well as share your divine gifts and talents with all!

Personalized Sessions

The personalized transformational healing sessions are an hour to an hour and a half; accomplished by phone, skype or other video chat connections

This is where we sit down by phone, skype or other video chat to dial in the details of your life. Understanding each task at hand and ironing out the wrinkles in your mental and emotional bodies is key. Once that we've aligned the details, it's time to get things mapped out and organized to clear the old incorrect beliefs so you can adapt and integrate the higher truth of your divine magnificence.

How Can I Improve myself?

How Can I Improve the World?

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The Life Mastery Series-Magnificent Me Audio / Video Book is only $19.95 click to order now

The Personalized Private Session Transformation Healing Sessions by phone, Skype or other video chat; are only $125 for up to an hour and a half. Click thru the slide show to find the one you wish and then click on the button to schedule.

Personalized Private Session Healing Sessions
Enlightening and Empowering Ascension Tools
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