Why I Create

Greetings My SisStars and Brothers in Light This is what I wish to share with you.

For all of you who don't care to or prefer not too read; I have recorded my message for your convenience.

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How I Create

How I create these exquisite sparkling high frequency symbols of the real you!

Energetic Healing Intention and Process.

I was inspired to create physical manifestations of the theme of your magnificence; the same way I was creating my other tools of Ascension mosaic glass pieces.

This is how it works to create your one of a kind Magnificent Me Manifestation Manda

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Especially For You

This particular medium representing your magnificence will fit in your life in a way that will uplift you and make you feel good.

It will dazzle your mind and uplift your heart while activating your soul star through the conscious connection to your highest frequency of super consciousness; with a sparkling symbol of your unique experiences and divine magnificence.

What better gift for your self or someone you truly care about?

Your Mandala includes a complete interpretation of the colors and symbols and how they uniquely relate to you. And takes  approximately 3-4 days to complete.

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Magnificent Me Manifestation Mandala

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Why and How I Create

Why Do I Create
The simple answer is; I create for myself because it brings me peace and joy. I create for others because it is my passionate purpose to use my gifts and talents to help you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself you are more aligned with and intune with your inner being, your source and this fosters your ability to hear your inner guidance more clearly and follow it more confidently to be your authentic self and follow your own passionate purpose.

I am so focused on feeling good; I have been known, by those very close to me to be compelled to beautify anything or any space I am in, regardless of whether it is short or long term.  They have witmessed me,  in what some may call insanity and certainly causes a great deal of entertainment for those with me; to rearrange the furniture in a hotel room even for one night, to make it more energetically appealing. Of course I always put it back they way it was before I leave; so not to impose any unsolicitated higher frequencies; nevermind incur an unusually high debit on my credit card.

My Story
From my first sense of others; I realized I deeply cared about people. I can remember even as a small child I was conscious of wanting everyone around me to feel good. And on a more self-ish note; if they were feeling good they weren't throwing me off track by attempting to get me to join them in their misery.

I realized in  that art brought me great joy. I remember creating my first painting with finger paints and as simple as it was; I immediately stated aloud; I was going to be one of the greatest artist in the world. My teacher laughed I believed to be in support of my enthusiasm; which only strengthened my desire to share my realization with others. I remember impatiently waiting for the school day to end so I could  get home to share my magnificent creation with my mom. Unfortunately she was engaged in her own busy work and responded with a total  lack of enthusiasm. Her  statement that I could do better; while tossing my art aside; shattered my joyful heart, and aspiring greatness. Although I llustrated throughout my physically developmental years and could realisticly reproduce any image...I would not touch color in fear of being humiliated...until my early 30's.

My Understnding of the Gift of Adversity
Yet although this was one of those spirit fracturing moments; I came to realize many years later; that her actions and comments were really a gift because internally it did just the opposite of oppressing me; It fueled my desire to not only be creative, but also know the importance of combining that creativity with inspiration; so I could  support others through my colorful art to realize and be thier magnificent selves. As I continued to open up to and be more aligned with my Divinity; I received even more clarity on the impact and influence colors had on each of us in reltionship to who we are and what are soul missions were.

I have come to know my deep desire to continually create beautiful colorful things; is because of my passionate purpose to help everyone feel good; so they focus on their true value and inherent worth.

My Soul Mission
Throughout my life I have been inspired to help all people feel good by understanng and accepting; they are divine and magnificent despite their adversities or what they were conditioned to believe. I have been dedicated to providing services and products to help all feel good about themselves to experience a full and satisfying life by living their own passionate purpose.

In my 30+ years as a spiritual life coach it is more than evident that too many of us hardly ever feel good, enough of the time to more quickly fuel the fire of the manifesation of what we desire. When one feels broken and shattered it continually leads to a lack of something or everything we deem precious and desire in life, like love, money and health!

This is is because we are more focused on feeling broken and scattered and become addicted to feeling bad. Of course this keeps us seperate from our inner being and causes resistance to what our inner being is desiring and results in a contradiction and cancellation or delay of our dreams; because even though we get glimpses of our desires; we also immediately think something negative and begin to feel bad. We cannot manifest our desires unless thought and feeling are in alignment. Your cant think good and feel bad and still expect the desired outcome.

This unrelenting contradiction causes many to only get more of what they don't want and as such they want to give up, Yet, even this has a brighter side to it; as more importantly; when we feel bad it also causes even greater desire for change.

I continually strive and request inspiration to create services and products that simply assist you with feeling good. Thusly I am introducing my newest inspiration to help you feel good about you!

I am sure you have noticed that when something makes you feel good; suddenly other things begin to work out. And when you feel bad about something, you get inundated with even more things that cause you to spiral downwards; making it all worse!

So how do we get that inner desire to manifest in our everyday reality.

Those who desire change for the better in any aspect of their life are constantly seeking tools to simply help mend all the shattered pieces; so they can feel good again to know, feel and be wholeness. 

I know now, to get from where you are to where you want to be; you need to feel good. Feeling good is the key to changing any aspect in your life from what you don't want to what you dream and desire.

My tools of Ascension Mosaic Art glass, like the images you see on this page, were birthed when I was inspired to use a theme like love, financial abundance, peace, forgiveness etc to channel those concepts into one of a kind, custom beautiful sparkling works of art. A tangible reminder to be placed in your home or work place; helping you focus on the theme you most needed and resonated to; to help lighten your life and uplift the world.

Yet one day in the midst of creating one of my consciously designed tools of Ascension mosaic art pieces; I had a profound awareness...you know one of those Aha moments.

Magnificent Me Energy Mandalas 285 hz 528 285 528 285
Tools of Ascension Universal Heart Chakra

I realized this medium of painting glass, shattering it and then putting it back together in a stunning design; was to be used to create personal mandalas for each of you; to assist you with realizing all the feelings of being broken or shattered, in one way or another, could be shifted into the greater understanding that every bit of your life and experiences had tremendous value.

That without those perceivable undesirable experiences you would not be able to realize the courageous, wise, magnificent being you truly are.

This was an extremely profound moment in my life both as a mentor and artist. That in addition to the aura portraits I spent many years creating for hundreds of people worldwide. I had this new amazing tool to help you feel good about yourself in any moment you needed it.

Especially For You
Magnificent Me Energy Mandalas 285 hz 528 285 528 285

It is intended to consciously and continuously draw you into alignment with your inner being where you can dwell in daydream of pleasurable feelings resulting in more inspirational clarity that will guide you to all you desire to manifest.

For now, I am offering this Personal Magnificent Me Mandala, at a special price.

You can gift yourself or use it for someone else you wish to know and be their authentic self. 

Each mandala can take from a few days up to a week to complete because I prefer to spend whatever amount of time it takes to honor and respect each of you with the undivided unconditionally loving attention you deserve.

Living in Gratitude Energy Mandalas 285 hz 528 285 528 285

Tools of Ascension Living in Gratitude

Your Magnificent Me Manifestation Mandala will be completed in the order they are received.

For your convenience, you can place your intention for your Magnificence Mandala, or as a gift for someone you desire to know their magnificence by ordering below.

The images on this page are samples of other Tools of Ascension Manifestation Mandalas that are repeated designs and can be purchased at The Graceful Goddess Feel Good Shop. Your Magnificent Me Manifestation Mandala will be a one of a kind design. Thanks for taking the time to read and acknowledge

In light with love from my Heaven on Earth to yours ...In full support of your Magnficence

Your SiStar Eloryia RA

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