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Your portrait or video is like a roadmap to guide
you to living your dream!


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Your vision quest portrait is like a roadmap to guide you to living your dream!

I will be taking you on a visual energetic journey to help you realize your soul mission and vision quest. Part of that journey requires remembering where your soul originated and the path it traveled to Earth. Your soul mission - vision quest portrait will also help you reveal where there are issues that may be blocking the manifestation of your dreams. We will talk about where you got jammed up or ran into road blocks and how to free yourself; so you can continue into your final destination of actually living your soul mission and manifesting your vision. This is where you will joyously express the unique Spirit of you for the highest good of all. In the video format you have the benefit of moving energetic graphics specifically chosen for you that will shift you internally to help you break through any resistance that keeps you from realizing your full soul magnificence.

We are going on a full circle pathway so that you have the opportunity to observe a clear blueprint of your life path in order to create your vision and realize an abundant, loving joyful life. We will begin with your immediate heavenly message, then go into the transformational healing represented by the images on your left in the completed vision quest portrait. From there we proceed to your soul's mission and heart's desire with the images located at your universal heart center. And then from there we move to the right of you where you will find the images that tell the story of the final outcome of your journey; where you see how your divine gifts and talents are expressed globally within your vision.

This is of course is as long as you head the heavenly message and attend to the inner and transformational process. When this is accomplished your dreams can't help but manifest; as you will have learned to trust in your own intuition so you can gracefully follow any and all of your heart's desires.

In order to do so you must be willing to Ascend. Ascension is the key to the pearly gates where all dreams come true. To Ascend is to become ONE with your all knowing higher self, your source. To allow yourself to be the unconditional love you are which will propel you into deliberately desiring and consciously intending to shift from your less than joyful existence manifested from a state of fear; to the conscious and deliberate state of love. You do this by aligning your human self with your higher-all-knowing self who knows only divine love and oneness.

Within your soul mission - vision quest portrait are multiple images and symbols that have been channeled through for you from your higher self; each having a specific meaning and particular placement in the portrait relating not only to the uniqueness of you, but also specifically related to manifesting your vision. r>
In this soul mission - vision quest portrait you will realize the soul/spirit of you; as well as learn about how to align yourselves with your vision. As The soul is intending to expand its expression of love through the human experience we call life and your vision would be an outer manifestation of the divine love you are.

You will become aware of any healing that is necessary from a causal level of mental misperceptions and or emotional charges that need to be released, in order for you to clear those incorrect beliefs so that you can accomplish all that you desire. You will also be given specific suggestions of applications and modalities to accomplish that healing lovingly as each provides ease and comfort, as well as beauty and grace; this is the natural state of who you are.

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