How to Follow Your Heart
to the life of your Dreams!


Follow Your Heart to the life of your dreams. You can Awaken and Ascend by taking guidance from your own precious Heart!
For all those whom are willing to change their life!

It is time to Awaken to the journey of your soul into Ascension. Ascension is the full expression of the Spirit of you…this is Living Heaven on Earth! 

"We do not fear our darkness...we fear our Light!" (Marianne Williamson)

How could we possibly fear our darkness when so many of us have lived so long within it? We remained imprisoned where there is lack of all wonderful things, because up to this point our self-imposed darkness, although becoming more and more uncomfortable each and every moment, is what we have habitually come to know and practice.

We insist on living in hell, by continually projecting blame or responsibility onto others; rather than leaping into the joyous light filled heaven that awaits us all.

We fear who we truly are and hide behind others, holding them accountable for what we are fearful of accomplishing. We blame partners, children, parents and many others for holding us back or not supporting us in some manner or another; rather than owning the responsibility of how we hold ourselves back and choose to live in the lower levels of the limited gift.

We choose to survive rather than to live. We remain in darkness because we fear not the lack and misery of our self imposed hells, we fear the perceived unknown of the abundant magnificence of our light and the expression of it in heaven on earth.

The light is not unknown to you, as it is whom you are. You are not a human attempting to obtain spirituality. You are a bright thriving spirit having a human experience. This experience is for nothing more than to remember who you are by mastering the illusions of density.

The loving light of you has simply forgotten the light of itself because it has lived in the darkness of illusion for so long. Each of you have lived many incarnations where you piled one layer of lower vibrational conditioned beliefs atop another and where you have continued to oppress your heart in fear of getting it hurt.

It is far better to live a short life, a few months, weeks, days or even a few hours in blissfully loving Freedom…than it is to live to a ripe old age in a prison of mental and emotional slavery.

You are light and now is the time to Awaken to who you truly are and be that living light by overturning the self-debilitating lower mental body expressed through self-doubt into the highest truth and wisdom of the universal mind. You realize the higher truth and understanding by letting free the emotions, regarding lacking love that have been suppressed over eons and continue to be withheld each and every moment.

It is now time to be Free and there are many paths designed to help you fully awaken to the brilliant light you are as well as assist you through loving support to courageously move forward in that light where you can easily create the life you have always desired.

There are multiple Light Beings in physical and or spiritual form that intend from their loving hearts desire to be connecting unto itself. Those whom have gone before you and now know and trust in their divine magnificence will guide you.

These facilitators, also known as the Light Workers, Luminaries, or Sun Dancers and are standing in the truth and integrity of honoring the self with unconditional love. They can and will help show you the way into your own heaven on earth where all things are now possible.

In my experience as a spiritual guide I have seen many very loving intelligent souls pursuing one certification after another, yet never actually moving into the activation of truly awakening and healing themselves or helping others to awaken and heal completely, despite what they have gained intellectually.

They remain stagnant and manifest lack, regardless of all their learning because they do not trust in self. They refuse to feel their heart in fear of feeling some pain; all the while not realizing that in denying the heart they are already in the pain they fear feeling, because they have imprisoned their Spirit.

They have learned much intellectually, they have trained the mind but not strengthened the heart. They are not fully integrated and as such will not be whole, because they are attempting to heal themselves or even hold the all importance lower mental body audacity of proclaiming they can help others heal from a book knowledge or mental instructional level only. They continue to cycle through this ineffective process, regardless of their loving heart’s desire to help. If one wishes to help and heal then they must intend to help and heal themselves first.

To ask another to do what one is unwilling to do is not an adept leader. One who has taken the action through experience to heal their limited beliefs and free their aching heart is the adept guide for any or all.

If you wish your children to have loving abundantly prosperous healthy lives, then stop conditioning them to train their minds in order to make a living at the expense of the expression of the very spirit of them by denying them their heart’s freedom and full soul knowingness. Just because they are small in form does not make them lacking in wisdom.

They are divinity as well and they belong to the love of self, not to the parents that have given them passage to birth upon the planet. Remind your children that they are more than just under your stewardship, tell them they are a child of God, and that yes you participated in giving them life, yet that does not license you to live their life because you are in fear of living yourself.

Fortify and strengthen their all knowing selves and magnificent souls by empowering their spirits. Show them how to in a healthy manner utilize their divine gift of free will and free choice by teaching them acceleration of mind through the universal laws of attraction; rather than pass on your infliction of limited mental incorrect beliefs by imposing your fears upon them.

”Watch out, stay safe, don’t run, don’t climb, don’t experience, train your brain, don’t cry, wipe your tears, grow up, don’t be angry, especially don’t express your anger to me, don’t risk your heart, don’t trust…don’t live…just survive, sit in the house in front of the television where you can engage in more fear and continue to be a victim or where you can play video games that teach you how to have no heart or soul by engaging in activities that teach you how to power over others by engaging war and taking their lives so you can feel important through the illusion of killing, maiming, stealing etc…do this and whatever else I demand of you and whatever else it takes even at the expense of your heart and soul to do so…because I am too in fear of not surviving or not having enough money, love, etc and can’t spend time to be present with you where you can see that you have value and where I can guide and mentor you in a healthy manner!”

Is it any wonder that children upon this dimension of earth have up until now grown into adults that can't think, feel and do for themselves? Thusly they remain dependant upon their parents for everything they need want and desire or they learn to compete and even steal from others in order to gain what they perceive they are lacking.

Do you ever look within to see what you have done to influence this? Is it any wonder why the youth upon this dimension seem to lack compassion and understanding for self and others. How can they be any different as they were mentored, guided and facilitated to make the rational mind more important then the very feeling sense of self within their heart.

They have been taught to live in fear rather than live in love. They have been taught survival at any expense, including taking the means for life and the very life of others. They do so because they were denied their hearts by those who went before them that also were denied their hearts.

Remember that misery loves company and that you unconsciously guide your children into joining you in hell rather than have the courage to free yourself so they may live free as well in heaven on earth. You have done it, because it was passed onto you by others. You need not be this unhealthy influence upon them or your selves any longer.

You can choose right here and right now that the buck stops here. You awaken to the soul of you. You then ascend into the higher realms of all knowingness higher self of you where the heart, mind, body and spirit are free to be the Spirit of you. You do so first for self and thusly you can mentor and guide them into this higher state of consciousness, one of love that will ensure their health and well being because they are living in the value of life rather than the fear of survival!

If you have been being one of these individuals living in fear of survival, you are now primed to journey on the adventure of life lived from the heart and soul expressing through the Spirit of you.

To delay embarking on this journey for even one more moment only ensures your imprisonment. To face your fear and step forward lovingly supports a path where you consciously; meaning without pain or more harm to self and others, learn to trust your loving hearts and combine both your intellect with your intuition. You live in unconditional love guided by your higher universal mind.

Once you balance these two aspects of self; your Spirit can soar as you realize through manifestation all that you have up to this point only dreamed about. You then uplift many through your own ascension and you are ensured that you are an adept guide to others by example.

This adventure is for all those whom have a heart desire to heal and to help others heal. This does not mean you have to go out and heal the world, you can use what you have learned in your everyday life in every day ordinary situations in order to make your life and those you love in your immediate surroundings, live extraordinarily and change for the better as well.

You can expand your giving soulful nature through your passionate spirit to assist the many worldwide who are seeking help to rid themselves of the very same fear so they may also live in love.

You can become a global teacher by example, for what you pass on is passed on by those who learned from you!

You can become a global teacher by example, for what you pass on is passed on by those who learned from you!

You may not receive any type of certification or licensing on this adventure, or even any notoriety. You will instead become aware of and claim the highest level of heavenly certification and licensing you already hold, that of the divine magnificence of you who is already wise beyond all measure through the first hand experience of mastering the illusion of density

By following your heart you engage in the adventure of being in the moment of the journey. By being willing to be aware is equivalent to jump starting the battery of your life that has been lying dormant from lack of use.

In your heart journey you will clear the final residue of any emotional and or mental obstacles that are also affecting your physical body, and keep you from being your own authority by engaging in  what is right for you rather than being dictated to by the expectations of others.

You will liberate yourself from the personal baggage that holds you back from fully trusting in self and joyfully participating in the adventure of life.

You will emerge with something far more valuable than a lower earthly level Muggle license or certification. You will be born into the magical world of which you always belonged and had simply forgotten.

You will bring forth into full maturation; the full remembrance of the wisdom of self, coupled with the courage to be in integrity with self no matter where, no matter whom and no matter what!

You will be free from limiting thoughts or stagnating emotions; this is the highest level of license in existence. It is the license of freedom of expression where you allow you to feel what is right for you and what is wrong for you. Accelerated awareness is the license and certification to be the fun loving adventurous, thriving Spirit you already are. In this awareness you do no harm. You can only do good, as you know what is right or wrong for you, may not be the same for another.

You plant the seeds of awakening awareness, yet you do not force them to grow. You become an adept guide, mentor or facilitator at showing others the way to their joyful hearts and full expression of whom they are because you traveled and continue to travel that path.

In each and every moment you will be rid of self-doubt that keeps you from making decisions and then choosing your choice. You will be clear on what brings you joy in that present time and you will move forward with confidence in how to use your higher wisdom through your specific gifts and how to apply those divine gifts to empower others to do the same.

You will emerge from victim to victorious because you have applied your greater strength and courage to step beyond your mental and emotional conditioning, into the full empowerment of loving light that you are. You have your bag of magical tools with you that you can apply practically in every moment to maintain your empowerment in those moments the ego attempts to manipulate you into revisiting the old damaging self-doubting thoughts.

The light is calling to you to step into your divinity, not only for your health and well being, but for the health and well being of all others following in your footsteps.

The remembrance of the higher all knowing self will move you forward into the actual manifestation of your hearts desire; to assist the many others inflicted and suffering from lack of self love and paralyzing self doubt.

NOW is the time to journey into the adventure of the truth of the soul of you through the very heart of you …to be free to be the spirit of the true identity of you.

You will be loved and supported through the entire you love and support yourself in choosing you're the liberating pathway of being in your heart.

The heart of you will lead you to the acknowledgement of your divine magnificence and then you can’t help but express the bliss of you through the very Spirit of the loving light you are!

In light with love from Heaven on Earth Eloryia RA, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael

Now...Remember who you really are and Follow Your Heart!

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