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The inner voice of love is a subtle voice although it has the ability to raise the volume when necessary for your highest good.

Shut Up...God's Talking How to listen to Intuition, a dissertation from Archangel Michael

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Trust Your Intuition

How to Listen to Your Intuition

How To Listen to Your Intuition

Find out how to recognize and follow your Intuition

How to Listen to Your Intuition

For many eons, beloved souls, you have been trying to remember and have been asking how to listen to your inner voice and how to trust your intuition so that you can be empowered beings, centered in your heart and living in and with your own inner highest authority. It is important to know and practice listening to your inner voice and thusly realizing you can trust in your intuition so you may not only make decisions quickly but to trust those decisions as well and follow through. Meaning not have to revisit each decision numerous times with your ongoing mental gymnastics due to the self-doubt that arises in an instant after making a choice, because you decided once again to listen to the voice of fear.

The inner voice of love is a subtle voice although it has the ability to raise the volume when necessary for your highest good. There are actually two inner voices, even though it may seem like there are multiple personalities...there is one of fear and one of love. Each has the ability to turn up the volume if you choose to ignore it. So what you are really asking is which voice you should listen to and how do you tell the difference between the two?

From my point of view, you spend far too much of your precious energy being busy with listening to the voice of fear who is always asking, begging, pleading, questioning, crying, requesting, and especially reasoning or trying to make logic out of your illogical everyday conditions.

The voice of fear is never satiated with the most loving feel good answer, as it is too engaged in the imagination of the worst outcome and it continues to ignore the answer because it doesn't like the answer it has already received. An may be worrying about a certain situation and if you sit still you will hear worry not all is well. Yet this is too simple an answer for fear and thusly fear wants to know the guaranteed outcome.  it will engage anywhere it can in an attempt to find out what the guarantee is and just how all will be well and thusly all the questioning starts over and over again.

Know, beloved ones if you can formulate the question in your lower mental body; the all knowing higher self of you already knows the answer, as well as how to navigate you through feeling to obtain that of which you desire.

In fact, it is creating the question in order for you to stop and listen to the answer so you can take the right action so that the soul of you can continue to move forward in an expansion of love.

You might wonder why some of you expand in physical form. It is because the soul is desiring expansion and you are stopping the flow of moving forward due to some perceived fear, thusly the body is the messenger. It expands to balance out the lack of the soul expansion. If you pay attention to the messenger of the body, and truly go within to speak with the body; you will know the answer as to what the fear is that is causing the oppression of the soul and what you can do to assist all of the bodies into balance. This is far easier than changing diets every other day or spending a great deal of energy on programs and / or regiments that only keep you bopping up and down like a yoyo.

The soul continually creates new choices to move ahead. When these choices arise, instead of going further into confusion you can go into clarity by sitting still to go within where you can feel.

Rarely do any of you simply ask a question and then be still and be quiet long enough to feel what is right or wrong for you. When you go within, you can feel, thusly you will know immediately which choice to make; regardless of what the choice is about.

You feel the right choice; again this is about feeling it out rather than figuring it out. Once you discern the feeling you then ask for signs of confirmation. Then you pay attention to the supportive signs of confirmation that will come in multiple forms.

God or better still the higher aspect of self rarely responds with a voice similar to that of which you hear when speaking to one another. Until such time you are in full trust where the answer simply comes as a thought accompanied by a feel good. God has multiple tools available to help you practice listening to the voice of love. Regardless of whether you choose to listen or ignore, there will be many apparent road signs to keep you on a path that is right for you.

Your body is your friend, it can feel . The body responds to the emotions that are responding to your thoughts. The supportive signs as to whether you listened to the voice of love and made the highest choice for you or if you listened to the voice of fear and made a choice that was less than supportive of the soul expansion will come immediately. These signs will arrive as many different vehicles. They can come in books, songs, movies, poems, other people and all things in nature and if you insist on watching TV all the time, God will use this vehicle as well. Where ever your focus is a sign will be dropped right in front of your nose.

So first beloved ones you pose the question; if the question has not yet been formulated you pay attention to your feeling. Your feeling good or bad is the first sign that one of the voices is speaking to you. Then it is up to you to be paying attention to which voice is speaking to you, by paying attention to what you feel in your body. As I said already; you have two voices; one of love and one of fer. It is up to you to be in a state of loving awareness which is a direct result of being still.

If you insist on engaging in negative mental thoughts coupled with emotionally charged behavior and tiresome activity; you are in fear rather than in love.In fear You will pace, not be able to sleep, run yourself ragged with "have to" activity or you will disengage completely by numbing out in front of a tv or a computer screen and this is when it will be difficult to be still to pay attention to the answer.

Sit still and feel! Choose which inner voice to speak to and listen to through the confirmation your body is giving you.

You can hear the response to any thing you ask in a moment's time through a soft whispering voice with a gentle touch or you can deny what you hear because it is other than what you wanted to hear and the messengers just get louder and louder;all the way to the point where you are face down in the mud and screaming at God as to why you are in such a terrible condition.

It is you beloved ones who choose which voice to follow and how loud the messenger need be, based on whether you are willing to accept the answer given unto you.

That is why I say, be still and be quiet, be still and know God. It matters not what name you call God, be it Jehovah, Yahweh, Spirit, Great Spirit,the Father, my Lord, the Source, the Universe, the higher self or any of the other references from the exhaustive list of definitive titles you use to call out to the energy of the One. Yet for simplicity sake we will now refer to it as Oneness. It makes no difference what your religious, spiritual or metaphysical dogma may be, the response does not just come in only one form of communication, the Oneness is multilingual in the language of love and the confirming messages are in many forms.

You have simply to realize how Oneness speaks to you. You begin by sensing your feeling, instead of waiting for the proverbial booming voice out of the sky and/or running around asking everyone's thoughts and opinions. It is good to seek out guidance in how to listen and how to practice listening so that you can learn to trust your intuition; yet it is not serving self to rely upon the answer from another, especially another in human form. There is always the risk that the ego fear of the other, just like the ego fear of self can interfere with the loving message from the higher self. You will know if there is ego interference if the message is of fear rather than the message being of love. You will know if the message is fearful or loving by paying attention to what you feel; as words can be deceptive in their meaning as well as their intent. You can make a mental decision to make one choice over the other because what was said sounds good; all the while you felt like you got punched in the gut and you ignored the feeling for the pretty or logical words.

Sometimes although you feel the correct choice you still continue to deny the response because you have already mentally decided what you want the answer to be. You are engaged in expected outcome and then you want a guaranteed outcome of what you think it all should look like, rather than listening by feeling what is right or wrong for you.

You are all knowing beings; your feelings will navigate your way to the wisdom and knowledge that resides within you to properly discern the answer.

For the most part you have all been conditioned and or taught to not put a lot of credibility on your feelings, especially when it comes to making choices about anything or everything.

Remember in the movie "City of Angels", the angel Seth was trying to get Maggie to trust in her feelings. She didn't  believe in feelings because they could not necessarily be figured out, as she was accustomed to.

He asked her to close her eyes and then he ran his finger across her hand.

He then asked her what he was doing and she responded, you are touching my hand.

He then said, "How do you know I am touching your hand, you can't see me doing it your eyes are closed."

She responded. "Because I feel it!"

He was teaching her how to pay attention to the voice of love; as the feeling of the touch of his hand felt warm and nurturing to her, even though her head was filled with figuring out why this guy was so weird which caused her to hesitate in trusting him.

Imagine that you can all have an angel right in front of you, holding your hand and guiding your way and you wont trust him because you are too busy thinking, "why doesn't this guy change his clothes once in awhile", rather than just feeling what it feels like to be in his presence.

You will know me when I approach you to engage in dialogue with you by what you feel; as any one can come along as an imposter; they can look like what you might think I look like, they can say they are me; but the feeling will let you know for sure whom you are speaking with.

Your inner sight is also far more reliable than your outer physical viewers. The outer viewers are subject to illusion. The third eye sees clearly and another way to retrieve the most loving choice is to close the other two eyes and put your focus on the third eye. Pose your question then and if you are blinded by the light in the third eye area this will be a yes if it is nothing than a mere glow than it is a no. And as I have been saying that bright light although blinding will be very uplifting in its feeling the dull glow will lack this feeling of loving expansion.

So feeling is truth and feeling is the best way to discern which voice to listen to. The more you follow the loving authority within the more you learn to trust your intuition because the outcome will lead you peacefully and joyfully forward.

When you take time to feel, you can pose the question and then see which answer is coming from the fearful mental body and ego and which answer is coming from the expanded love of self; the soul.

Then you shut up the fearful voice in a loving way of course and you then follow the voice of love regardless of whether it makes sense or not. As you follow the voice of love it will then respond with many clear forms of communication and or symbols to let you know you are on the right path. If you start feeling bad it simply means you have taken a temptuous detour back to fear.

I have shared with you how to get started and now on how to listen to your inner voice and trust your intuition in the meantime, remember even if you find any particular choice no longer works for you, does not mean it was the wrong choice everything you experience has purpose and you can always re-choose.

There is no right or wrong and this is what you fear most making the wrong choice the doubt rules your life. So if you enter a new choice and are still in fear because you perceive some other choice did not work for you, you choose from fear again and again and you wonder why life is no different from before.

Sit still, so you can quiet the mind and the body becomes motionless and then pose the question. Then feel and choose based on your feelings.

Be disciplined in being willing to do what it takes to be still in order to feel. Yes, this is discipline, yet discipline is not an action imposed on you by another. Discipline really means the protection of your own interest! What better interest could you possibly have than the interest of the soul you are, whose intent is to expand in the expression of the love you are! Feel Good follow the voice of love!

Learn how to listen to your inner voice and trust your intuition.


I agree with Michael, in all the years I have been working with individuals and or groups, I have come to realize one of the major reasons we do not realize our dreams, goals, etc. is that we all share the same thing in common. This one thing, besides many other that we share, is we are so busy being busy ignoring our feelings.

We are always spending endless energy trying to figure out our decisions in fear of making the wrong choice. We do not trust ourselves, as we have been conditioned to be dependent upon everything outside of ourselves rather than trusting in our inner guidance. We have become so adept at our attempts to gain a guarantee, we rarely take any action and thusly our lives become stagnant and we pass away unfulfilled;regretting not what we did, but what we did not do!

Many years ago I was reminded by a dear friend, whom I had sought out for counsel, that I was stubbornly unwilling to recognize the answer God/Goddess was giving me. I painstakingly presented my dilemma to my friend, who listened patiently, even though I had interrupted his work in the middle of the day, as I went on and on about not knowing how to handle the particular situation I was in.

Although, he answered immediately with sound advice, which felt right, and by the way, I had heard from at least three people prior to him, I confronted him with a rampage of resistance of what ifs, how comes, and on and on with mindless rambling regarding why I should not take his immediate advice, even though I had sought it out.

In those days I was typically like most of us; spending our time seeking advice from friends, family and whomever else will listen to our saga, and then when the advice is given, we resist and will even go as far as to tell them to mind their own business, or react with the statement of ", don't tell me what to do,  don't even though we solicited the advice to begin with.

He reminded me that I had admitted already to hearing the same answer from many other dear friends whose counsel I trusted and yet I was still resisting. Finally, frustrated with my obstinence, he said.

"You already know what the answer is, yet you are unwilling to accept it as the answer."

Then he asked me a simple question.

"What are you waiting for to trust in what you already feel is the right choice and take the necessary action?

I sat for a moment and thought. Then I responded with a nervous laugh.

"I don't know. I'm not sure." I answered with obvious confusion in my voice.

Maybe I am waiting to hear the booming voice from the sky. I ended confident that I had come up with the right answer to justify my resistance and refuse his advice, because he had given me the same answer as the others. The one I did not want to hear.

A long moment of silence followed and then he finally responded with a loud, strong, undeniably clear voice.

"I am sitting in my office on the 33rd floor of a building in Manhattan! Is that high enough in the sky for you? And I am telling you to trust what you feel. "

I have found if after asking a question it is necessary to pay attention by either being quiet, sitting still or even while in motion I am able to recognize that God/Goddess is talking, yet I must be willing to feel the answer out; then I pay attention to the many signs in many forms confirming my choice.

I must be willingly aware to recognize the voice of love, my higher self in other people, in pictures, on television, the radio, in a book, in a flower, a tree, an animal, and yes even an angel, or whatever other creative messenger is sent in response to my requests.

It is my heartfelt intent to assist you in realizing you are always receiving the answer, all you need do is be willing to be aware, of your feelings, this will allow you to listen to the voice of love within you.

This is yet another way to realize Heaven on Earth by trusting in the very profound, the very subtle and or the very obvious answers stemming from the feelings generated by your inner voice. The more you practice listening to the inner voice of love, the more trusting you become of your intuition and the more life gets better for ever.

Do you wish your prayers were answered?
Do you wonder why God does not hear you?
Are you in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain?
Do you feel abandoned?
Does nothing go right in your life, or only half right?
Do you wonder where the man/woman of your dreams is?
Are you in lack of love, money, health or just fill in the blank_________?
Do you have the job you desire?
Do you have the home you desire?
Do you wonder why you don't reach your goals?
Do you lack understanding of why your dreams are not manifest?

If you honestly answered yes to any of the questions above; then you have not learned how to recognize the loving voice of God. You are too busy talking and not willing to listen. You have been far too busy being busy in whatever form of resistant denial you can possibly create and least I remind you, we are incredible magnificent beings, able to create without limitation.

If you don't have what you desire yet; it is because you are not being quiet within yourself so you can hear God by PAYING ATTENTION to your feelings or all the many signs of Spirit used to bring you to the AHA of the answer you seek!


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