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The Aura! I spent most of my life seeing auras and not even realizing exactly what I was observing until my early twenties. I simply believed that everyone viewed life and was seeing auras in every living thing, just as I did. It was quite a surprise to realize my site was different from most.

You have the same ability to see auras and to know all there is to know, not only pertaining to you, but absolutely about everything. The ability to know everything exists within your aura. Your aura is the divinity of your being-ness and connects directly to all that is, also known as God, or the infiniteness of thought...the One Mind. Whereby you can tap into the all knowingness to send and receive all thought process.

What you think and feel can be accessed by all, as well as what all think and feel can be accessed by you.

The Aura contains the electromagnetic energy radiating from and around your physical body. The Aura will reveal every thought you contemplate, each emotion you feel and every experience you have had. It will expose whether you are reacting from fearful thoughts and emotions, or responding responsibly from a state of love.

It doesn't matter whether it is your past lives or your present life...the aura will even disclose your not yet manifested future experiences, based on what you are presently thinking and feeling.

The Aura can also undoubtedly hold within it's energetic field, the solutions to your problems, in terms of techniques and modalities, that can be applied on a daily basis that will best serve your healing process, so you may realize your dreams.

In this earthly plane, your thought is visible not only in your aura, it is also visible in the denser energies of matter, as it is apparent in the results of your manifested experiences, called your life.

A thought is realized in your everyday consciousness when a thought flows through your aura. The aura collects thoughts, yet does not define or judge those thoughts. The aura simply allows the thought process to flow through to the left hemisphere of your brain where the intellect and reasoning exist. This is where all thought becomes limited, as the reasoning part of you will block many thoughts that are perceived as threatening to its survival. The intellect/reasoning aka the alter ego will generate through it's judgment an electrical charge and then transmit that charge throughout the body via exploding currents. Regardless of the amazing ability of the aura to collect all thoughts, the rest of the process within you is limited by prior experiences.

All of this is recorded within the cellular memory and continuously reproduced... thusly your life does not change unless you open yourself up to all thought and all knowingness sans judgment.
Seeing Auras is not all that difficult. If you were not born with the developed ability to see auras; you can still learn how. The only thing you need is a willingness to do so, coupled with a bit of discipline and practice. With a bit of diligence you too will have the gift of seeing auras.

When I speak of seeing Auras, I do not mean to actually see auras with your physical eyes. Often times in our haste to communicate we use common terms as "see" or "hear", when we are truly meaning to say "sense" or "feel".

If you wish to be able to sense an aura, whether it is your own or anyone else's, you must begin to trust in your self. Trusting in what you sense is the most important factor in seeing auras.

With all my many years of combining my artistic and intuitive talents, where I produce Aura paintings and Aura Portraits; I still do not always "see" someone's aura. Rather it is a mere sense within me that I have come to trust beyond a shadow of a doubt, that reveals to me the individuals aura and the aura color meaning. In moments, when I am completely and totally at peace with a feeling that all is well that I actually see the auras of everyone and everything all about me with my physical eyes.

Indeed I was born with the ability to physically see auras, but I have been able to instruct many others to undoubtedly trust in themselves, as I had to be guided to do so. As a child, my seeing auras was not a welcome talent in my home. I was often speaking aloud and what my elders perceived as "out of turn". I simply continuously spoke what I was seeing and in my young innocence was subjected to unpleasant consequences as a result of revealing the very things most of those around me where hoping to keep secret. You may read the whole story in the book entitled Ascension.

But then, this is about you and not me and so let us continue with seeing auras and the simplicity of it, as well as learn about the Aura Color Meanings and Interpretations.

At first you will learn to see them with your inner eye and then the outer eye will develop with the ongoing training. Seeing auras with the inner eye is a matter of trust. You must be willing to believe that what you are sensing and feeling is true.

An easy exercise is:
1. Place in front of you a plant or even an object that you may perceive has no aura. Everything has an aura, as everything is made up of the same energy. I would suggest you begin with a plant or an object, as opposed to a person. Most people have a difficult time being still, even if you direct them to repeat the same process you have done, and as such their auras are in constant motion, as a direct result of their unending thought processes, and emotional reactions to those thoughts. This makes their auras quite busy with multiple colors all continuously shifting and changing. A beginner in sensing and/or seeing auras may find this somewhat of a challenge at first.

It is better to start with something that has a more constant aura color like a plant or inanimate object.
2. Sit still and allow yourself to center by repeating silently, "I AM, that I AM". Continue to simply repeat, this high vibrational centering technique, within your mind until you feel calm and realize you are breathing deeply.

3. Once you have noticed that you have taken at least three very deep breaths, then simply turn your focus, with eyes closed, to the object before you. As silly as it may seem, ask permission of the object to view its aura. Speak to it with honor, and let it know you are practicing seeing auras and you would like it's cooperation in your efforts. Wait for the response, it will come in a subtle sense of knowing whether you have permission or not. If not, stop immediately and choose something else. If you do, have permission to view the aura, then continue on.

4. With permission, direct your focus, remember your eyes are closed, directly at the object, please do so "with love"....for it is not easy for any of us to be under such a scrutinizing eye and the more gentle and loving you are and project such, the more vibrant the aura will be to you.

5. After you have set your focus on the object, then redirect it to your inner eye, aka the third eye. This is where you will begin to sense color and form. The more still and patient you are, continuing to breathe in love, the more aura colors will be revealed and the shapes will eventually take form. You can click on this seeing auras link to begin to understand the aura colors meaning.

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