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 Get Out of Your R.U.T.


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Get Out of Your Rut

Get Out of Your R.U.T.

Does nothing ever change?
Do you feel stuck?

Get out of your rut, a conscious choice to effect change.

It has become apparent that many of you are in a R.U.T. (Restrained Under Terror) and are unable to move forward. Each of your R.U.Ts may appear to be different; attached to one illusion or another. Your R.U.T. may be due to an unfulfilling relationship, the loss of a loved one, employment, and or the lack of financial abundance.

Nonetheless you are disappointed with the way life has turned out because it appears no matter what you do nothing seems to change. You are frustrated and this often leads to despair where you can be assured nothing will ever change.

To a greater or lesser extent all of us question who we are, why we exist, why it there so much suffering in the world, including in our own lives. These questions come from our pain as well as our inquisitive nature. Not only do we want to know how things work, but why things even exist.

"When we learn to understand the higher laws that govern everything, then we have a greater opportunity to understand what is going on in the universe and our individual lives. " Santi

In my 30 years of facilitating many hundreds of people around the world, the R.U.T.s I have heard spoken silently or aloud projected out from each of them with a great deal of desperation are as follows:

I want to be thin
I am tired of being sick and tired
I have no fun in my life
I hate my job
I want more money
I want a better relationship
I want to find my soul mate
I want to be loved
I want to love
I am tired of this pain
I hate so in so
I want to be free
I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it
I want to be happy
I want peace in my life
I want to live somewhere else
I hate the weather
I am disgusted with my kids
I am tired of not getting what I want

These are only a few of the complaints that I have heard voiced during working with many clients; there are a million more each of us can probably add to this already extensive list.

All of the R.U.T.s involve complaining about what you believe you do not have and/or the frustration of not knowing how to be able to get get rid of something you do not want and worst of all, the R.U.T.s mostly involve continually trying to change it all without accomplishing any real long lasting results.

It matters not what your particular rut is, other than to you of course, what truly matters is getting out of the R.U.T.

Being in a R.U.T is similar to first getting your car stuck in the mud. When you first realize you are stuck, and the mud is prohibiting you from moving forward; you press on the gas, revving the engine and the wheels spin feverishly, yet the car does not budge. You continue to press on the gas harder only to find you have simply dug your car in deeper. You get out of the car, kick the tire in frustration and then get back in to continue to give it gas, fully expecting this repeated action to actually make a difference.

Before long you have dug your car into a rut so deep you have forgotten how you even got there. You no longer recall that you started out by either unconsciously or purposely driving into the mud. You are exhausted from sitting in the car going nowhere despite putting more and more pressure on the gas pedal. You run out of gas and there you remain, where eventually you come to believe that the world is a rut, because you are so far down in the hole you no longer can see the higher world that exists above the hole you dug for yourself.

Sometimes the rain starts and the treacherous waters of life wash over you, filling up your world with even more mucky problems. You believe there is insult adding to your already multiple injuries and you buy into the belief that you are a victim of circumstances.

Even if you remember at times there is another world that exists beyond this muddy hole; a world above you and all you have to do is get out of the car and climb to the top, you become too fearful of even more bad things happening. You believe that the mud might collapse in on you and you will die right then and there in your self made muddy tomb.

So, choosing to be the victim, you now you remain paralyzed in being able to even take a tiny risk. You lack sustenance because you have used up all your energy attempting to get out of the hole you have no idea how you got into to begin with.

You end up spending your life in a muddy dug out, you call survival; where more and more horribly things happen to you and you eventually experience emotional, mental, and spiritual starvation as well. There is no peace or joy because the fulfillment of your dreams has been buried in the mud.

First you have to acknowledge you are in the R.U. T. you created by your insistence to apply the same unhealthy habitual negative action, thought, and/or statement without any effective results.

You are in the "go no where" behavioral R.U.T.; meaning; "Restrained Under Terror". You continue to do this because you have bought into the illusion of the lower mental body that has tangled up your highest truth with programmed conditioning based in lies. You have been beat down by engaging in one fearful belief after another that eventually leads to your complete stagnation.

Yes, you can say, "I have tried and nothing ever changes"; yet it is this very statement that keeps you exactly where you are. You can continue to argue the point with your multiple examples of proof from the past. Yet your argument lacks true substance, as the past has nothing to do with your current situation other than the fact that you are insistent upon living in and blaming the past as the logical reason for not taking any risks to create the future you desire.

Each day when you arise, do you greet it with a sensation of enthusiasm and excitement or is your day doomed before it even begins because you open your eyes already mentally and emotionally trapped in the fear of how nothing will be different. Are you focusing your eyes on the mucky mud all around you or are you taking some action to intentionally and consciously create miracles.

Are you choosing love in the moment of awakening or are you choosing to allow the old fearful ways to direct your course.

The fear we all hold onto is due to the cross wiring of conditioned programming. The programming that was influenced by your original caretakers, then more deeply embedded as you grew and integrated with society and it continues to be engrained by you day after day.

You are the one that now revs that mental-emotional engine that spins those wheels that dig you even further into the deep, dark R.U.T. in each and every moment.

Yet, there is still the Spirit of you and although damaged it is continually reaching to be the full expression of your divine and magnificent soul. The Spirit of you is reaching for the light that is consistently shinning above the dark hole you dug. It is reaching for the light that is directing an intention to be lifted out and once lifted out to be One and live in the greater understanding of the Universal laws of One; where one knows how to lovingly and joyfully skip over the mud or other pitfalls along the road and go right to the miracles.

The soul filled spirit of you has indeed had multiple contrasting experiences which have been encoded in your physical cells. Yet this part of you is unlimited. It knows how to go beyond the fearful restrictions of the physical illusions.

You can get out of your unhealthy R.U.T. You do this by choosing to stop wasting your precious energy listening to the lower mental conditioned body, the ego that lies to manipulate you to remain enslaved via an illusion of safety, i.e. taking no risks; when all the while the truth is ...it is holding you prisoner until you die a slow and painful death.

Instead of continuing to pay head to the lies, you choose to listen to that of which will assist all aspects of you to reconnecting to the Universal Laws of One.

IInstead of continuing to pay head to the lies, you choose to listen to that of which will assist all aspects of you to reconnecting to the Universal Laws of One, where you will live each and every moment in abundant, health, peace and finances because you live a life of Love!

Reconnecting Universal Truth can also be described as the acronym R.U.T.

Yet, if you are going to choose a rut, why not choose the one that is positive and healthy; the one that creates the life you have always desired. The one that allows you to be the empowered person you truly are and results in shifting your life out of the mud and into miracles!

You can get out of your mucky Muggle based daily grind and move into everyday miracles when you choose to embrace the higher truth, that life changes when you change your attitude.

You have the authority to make a different choice. You alone are responsible for this. Yet there is endless assistance available to you to change the incorrect beliefs based in lies to the higher truth of who you truly are.

Your attitude about yourself and your life will change when you are willing to follow desire with intention...the intent to get all your wiring untangled and connected back in proper order.

You are only 13 Steps away from reaching the top of the muddy hole you have dug yourself into. The guidance is and has always been available to you to take these steps that will enable you to change your attitude so you can free yourself from all your self imposed restrictions to get out of the R.U. T. to change your life.

It takes self love in order to choose for yourself some time to practice to reach your purpose!

You are probably already resisting this statement; as you think it will be a lot of work. But, before you dismiss your first step to getting out of your R.U.T.; take a moment to realize how much energy you use to remain where you are now.

If you take but a moment to feel the hard work it continually requires to constantly rev that negative mental- emotional engine and spend that gas; it won't take you but a moment to realize it is far more taxing to continue to stay in the unhealthy, unproductive R.U.T. then it might be to take a step that will actually change your life for the better!

Now is the time to Get out of your rut!

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