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Eloryia RA offers readings as well as one on one transformational healing sessions, aura portraits and soul mission portraits.

Psychic Readings

"Your insights and channeled information is exactly what I need right now to take me further into the unknown, trusting when I cannot see and do not know. D.W. Oregon

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Aura portraits

"Thank you so much for the beautiful aura portrait ! It is a heavenly gift that helped me step from half-hiding around the corner to where and what I truly am." M.V. Finland

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Spirit Animal Guide Portraits

Find Out which Spirit Animals surround you and the medicine teaching each of them guides you with to follow an illuminated path to your highest and best good. .

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Ascension a Trilogy of Transformation

Book One The Awakening by Eloryia RA

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One on One Transformational Healings

Eight plus Transformational Healing sessions to shift you into the life you dream of. Choose the one that is right for you!

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Shine your light!

Starseeds/Light Workers Mission - Never Give Up No matter matter where; A Starseed's Mission is to Spread light. You are a seed of greatness planted on Earth by the Divine; and destined to mature into a Magnificent Blossom filled with astonishing beauty and grace as you grow into the perfect expression of love.

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