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Betrayal and Abandonment
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How to deal with betrayal
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And Abandonment

How to deal with abandonment

It is time to free your heart, mind and soul

How to deal with betrayal and abandonment

Dealing with Betrayal and Abandonment

When you were born, imagine how life would have been different had you heard these words upon taking your first breath. It is not too late, as each moment is a new beginning and each breath can cleanse away all that was to create a new awareness with a better life. Imagine yourself being birthed in this very moment and listen to what the Oneness of all things has to say to you, it's beloved radiant magnificent child.

Beloved One, do you remember you are one of mine? One of the radiant magnificent children of God, who dwelt in the Kingdom of Heaven?It is you, soul sister/brother whom I address. It is you radiant child of God, I AM calling to remember to live on earth as you did in heaven. Remember who you truly are. You are Divinity in form and I am calling to you to stay awake and aware so life on earth is and will always be just like Heaven.

Remember in the beginning there was only the ONE and for the ONE to become aware of and know self, many aspects of the One digressed into form. There is no wrong doing in this, it is simply the lowering of ones vibratory rate so that it can come into density/form. This is the gift of the ONE, to exercise free will and free choice for the purpose of experience;the experience to know self.

Many souls, just like you utilized the heavenly gift of free will and free choice, and thusly manifested into human form. They chose to digress into the evolution of the soul through the experience of incarnation. At this time you lowered your vibrational frequency and as part of the experience you took on the lower mental body, the ego. Lowering your vibration simply means you caused your frequency to slow until it took form. This is when you were veiled with forgetfulness that thusly brought about the illusion of separation.

In order to know self even better you also chose to divide into two aspects, the aspect of male and the aspect of female. Since that first time of choosing the soul's evolutionary cycle many eons ago, you have been working diligently to overcome the incorrect belief of being separated from the ONE.

This illusion you encoded in your molecular structure within the physical body. Since then the soul of you has been calling out in its devotion to return to the ONE. The soul all knowing aspect of you has been working diligently to have the lower mental body, expressed through the ego to surrender its struggle to survive. The soul of you lovingly speaks to the ego of you via the heart of you, to overturn this illusion of separation so you can remember you are ONE and have never been punished through rejection, betrayal or abandonment.

The all knowing higher aspect, the soul of you is attempting to get you to remember and acknowledge its very existence of being One with all there is. It has done you beloved magnificent child of God may regain your connection to your Source, to reunite with the One by accepting the truth of your true heritage.

This is the higher truth you are now realizing. Acceptance of this Truth will overturn the incorrect lover mental body-ego belief of been abandoned, being separated, being rejected because you believe you have done something wrong and as such you cannot be anything more than a lesser child of God/Goddess.

Lifetime after lifetime, as you continue to believe you are a lesser child of God/Goddess, you continue to manifest more self-punishment until you have totally forgotten the truth and thusly you are lovingly supported even through these adverse manifestations to remember and awaken to your magnificent divinity.

The painful experiences can be shifted to the higher knowingness by being willing to feel the pain so it may be released and in so doing you also come to know the higher understanding of whom you are and where you originate from.

We, the Oneness know that deep within your mind you fear your choice to digress into the physical dimension many eons ago, was wrong. You fear that due to your perceived negative actions, coupled with deep emotions of shame, you are guilty and thusly rejected by the "ONE. Due to this incorrect belief you also mistakenly believe you were abandoned because you are unworthy of true love! The sleepy denial must be shaken and this is why you continue to punish self until such time you chose to change your life by changing your attitude about self.

The experience of separation and its companion painful lonliness was created by your incorrect belief and perpetrated by your negative attitude and thusly only you can re-create your experience to live in total harmony with the ONE.

Because you believed you were separated from your true home, and from your true Source, this caused you to be separated from your true love of self.

This incorrect belief was created and perpetrated by the manipulations of the logic of the lower mind ego. Yet the ego is your friend and not the enemy you may have come to perceive it to be. It will continue to inflict upon you suffering through self-hatred and continue this cycle until you choose to change your attitude about self.

If at any time you find you are suffering from beliefs of abandonment and feelings of rejection then you are still presently residing behind the veil of forgetfulness, and within an illusion; that blocks the remembrance of your divine magnificence and the memory from whence you come.

For numerous eons you, along with many others have been longing to be rid of these lower vibrational earthly illusions, accompanied by multiple incorrect beliefs; so you may be free to return home. To come home you awaken your mind to the truth that you are a divinely magnificent aspect of the Oneness of all; as you do so your heart opens to release the flood of long held tears of grief that have been overlooked and acting out as angry rebellious control issues.

You begin to feel again as there is no reason to go numb in order to avoid the negative feelings. Then you are free to authentically be whom you truly are because you no longer have to act out from the belief that you are less than. You no longer need to demand the attention of others because you are no longer are giving unto self the very love of which it is. You return back to love and live in only love.

You are completely prosperous on all levels because you are free of fear and thusly you have Ascended because you have mastered the illusion of separation and all of it's incorrect beliefs and companion negative emotions. Living in the state of love is Ascension and thusly your life is Heaven on Earth.

You live in joyful bliss, at peace, in the state of love...rather than fear. To be prosperous simply means to live without fear. To be fearless is to be a brave courageous heart. A brave courageous heart sings its own song and dances to the beat of it's own drum without fear of negative consequence. A loving brave courageous heart can do so because it knows Oneness and thusly does no harm to any other life form. It is free and thusly allows all others to live freely as well; in what is right for them. A loving brave courageous heart is free of any and all limitations that were stagnating its expression because it was held captive in fearful thought forms and unresolved emotions from past experiences. This heart of you also does not fear the unknown future, as it knows it is protected in the expansive sphere of love and the light of truth. It knows it is Divine Magnificence in human form on a journey of enlightenment of self. The courageous heart of you lives in the present moment, the now, fully aware of the preciousness of breath which continuously reminds it of the gift of the now...the Present!

The time is now to return to your mastered state of being of love! This is not something you are learning to become; it is a being ness you already are!

You only have to come into the realization of it and then choose to live in love so that you are free to live in each and every moment by clearing not only the mental body of the illusion, but by releasing the emotional charges that have accumulated within your heart, as well as your cellular structure; expressed as either mental, emotional or physical dis-ease over the eons.

You are not a lesser child of God, as The Father/Mother, God/Goddess gave unto all their children the gift of free will and free choice. There is no reason to punish and/or forgive the expression of your great gift. For they would not have bestowed such a gift upon such a magnificent child in order to learn and become aware of itself and then punish that child for the use of it.

The ego perpetrates the guilt, the shame and the eventual punishment of self-expression through betrayal, rejection and/or abandonment; because it is assisting you with your memory. It needs your assistance in knowing no wrong was done. It knows no other resolve; thusly the all knowing, all loving self of you will partner with this fearful aspect in order to redirect it from fear to love.

The ego need for punishment based on its belief of being lesser than will continues to be fueled by the deep unreleased emotions. The Soul wishes to be free so it can use all of its gifts and talents to express the love it is. It wishes for all of you to be raised into the higher truth of the all-knowing universal mind of the Oneness it already knows.. It calls out for this vicious cycle of self hatred combined with self punishment to be stopped. The soul not only has holds intent. It knows the truth and the truth is relentless. The soul will not give up, as its intention is to be the love it is, expressed freely unto self and all others.

It is time to free your mind, your heart, so the soul of you can expand in its expression of self; fully knowing it is the manifested union of the wisdom of the higher mind, known as God and the grace of the heart, the Goddess. It is a child birthed from love and is love...the divine magnificent child who is free to be in each and every moment of every day!

You can and will return to your starry origins in the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven, yet why wait to experience all of that love and blissful peace when you can live in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth right here and now!

Stop betraying, rejecting and abandoning self by being separate from self...bring all aspects of self back into the realization of Oneness. Come home my beloved, to the truth where your peaceful mind, loving heart, expansive soul and free spirit of self exists in harmony with one another. Come home to where true love awaits you; where you will not be inflicted with the illusion of separation where you are plagued with abandonment, betrayal and rejection.

You are being birthed again in this moment; so thusly in case you were not paying attention to the first time I said it...know you are a magnificent child of God/Goddess. You are an aspect of the ONE, simply realizing who and what you are! Choose to live from this moment on and forever in the knowingness that you and all others, all things are perfect simply because you are and have always been the ONE!

Imagine how life would have been different had you remembered what was said to you at the time of your birth. You remember it when you return to heaven in heaven...why not choose to remember it when you are birthed upon earth.

Imagine how different life can be now as you accept being a magnificent child of God/Goddess. You were never abandoned...there were always and will continue to be messengers that come from the love of the One and they will continue to say it to you in every moment since you took your first breath.

Come back to love so that your imagination can be manifest. All your dreams can come true through the pathway of love and there would be no more questions on how to deal with betrayal and abandonment.

Get the help you need to clear the Illusion of Separation and all issues regarding how to deal with betrayal and abandonment. to be re-birthed into Heaven on Earth!

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