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"You can't do passion halfway. Living your passion means you're all in. You trust your heart and trust your gut wherever that takes you."-Joe Plumeri Read Article


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  "Heart-flow means listening to your intuition and hunches and following your heart. How can you let your heart lead today?" - Amy Leigh Mercree More Info

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"You must never doubt your ability to achieve anything, become anything, overcome anything and inspire everything."
-  Tasha Hoggatt

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Follow Your Heart to the life of your dreams.

You can Awaken and Ascend by taking guidance from your own precious Heart!
For all those whom are willing to change their life!

There are many different ways to follow your heart to your happiness and all the other wonderful things you intend to have in your life. The quickest way is being free to express the magnificent spirit of you without concern of the opinion or judgment of others.

Stop thinking, how do I just stop everything else to follow my heart, what about my responsibilities or obligations to my job, my family and others?

Relax for just a moment and give your head a rest, the "way it will all happen is not your job to figure out". That job belongs to the Higher Universal Mind, also referred to as God, who can divinely orchestrate all the details to deliver your happiness and all else you desire.

Your job is to feel it all out by following your heart. In order to follow your heart you must be present with your emotions to even realize what makes you happy to begin with. You can get clear on what makes you smile by flipping through the universal catalogue of your life's experiences. You can check out the past to recall the fond memories that brought you joy and you can also spend your days being present and observing to see what life has to offer that you may have not yet experienced.

Just observe throughout your day, as you encounter people, places and or things and you will notice some of them instantly produce a wide grin across your face and others will result in just the opposite.

Pay particular attention to that of which makes you smile. You simply add those things to your list of heart's desires. You do not have to compile your list all at once, you can add to it each and every day. All you need do is sit down and write out, paint, draw, compose or just speak the description of whatever it is you really chose to have.

Logic has no place here; the rational mind does not get to interfere with imagination. Do not allow yourself to get caught in the trap of limiting what you are capable of having or achieving based on what your present conditions such as finances or education are. To base what can be on what is, is nothing more than non-sense.

Once you have your list you pay attention in each and every moment to the inner guidance coming from your inspirational joyful heart to follow the direct path to realizing all of the items you have jotted down, plus some you might not even be aware of yet!

When you give your inner voice, spoken from your heart, your undivided attention without any interference from the rational mind, you will notice you have a thought and if that thought also makes you smile or has a fuzzy warm feeling or you sense a great deal of enthusiasm; that is the direction to go in. If any or all of those things are lacking than it would be advisable to not move forward with an unhealthy obsession to have it anyway. This is your heart speaking to you through your emotions to allow you to become aware of what if right for you and what is not.

You do not need to hesitate to seek anyone else's advice or opinion, as others are not your authority and do not know what feels right or wrong for you.

Please note, following your heart by doing what feels good for you does not give you license to inflict harm on others. When I am speaking of doing what feels right, that right is based on a healthy mental and emotional aspect that has a high regard for life and all others, fully knowing that each of us is a child of God and are to be treated with love, honor and respect. Following your heart does not permit you to impose your will upon another person, place, animal or thing.

Following the direction of your heart by only engaging your thoughts, words, actions and deeds in that of which feels good to you in any given moment, brings about the much desired trust in self and peace of mind that permits you to leap into the adventure of life in any given moment.

As you practice following your heart you will never force yourself to do anything even if that something once felt good in a past moment and in the present it does not. We continually shift and change and what may have been right for us in the past, may no longer serve our happiness in the present or the future.

Be sure to follow the present feeling, as one moment you will feel very inspired to take action and absolutely be in joy with it. A few hours later you may not feel like doing it (whatever it is) and thusly if you force yourself out of a sense of obligation, it becomes work rather than play and obviously is no longer joyful or right for you in that moment.

Many of you have words confused, like responsibility and obligation. Most people will claim they are acting responsibly when they are really perceiving obligation.

Responsibility is the ability to respond to self with love, whatever self is feeling in any given moment and the moment changes constantly. Sometimes you may feel happy, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes tired; whatever the feeling honor it and be with it. The uncomfortable feelings pass quickly with loving acknowledgment of them. They are free to move on because they have been heard and felt. If you deny their voice, you only suppress them within and then they rot and stagnates you from moving back into joy, love and happiness.

Obligation is more liken to doing something you perceive is expected of you and you may not really feel like doing it. Yet you do because you fear the loss of something; i.e. loss of money, loss of love, loss of whatever, it matters not because it is nothing more than fear.

Out of obligation we perform a task that is not joyful for us and we end up exhausted, angry and resentful, especially when we don't get some kind of thank you or acknowledgment in return. This is not loving for self or for anyone else either. Obligatory word, thoughts, actions or deeds will never lead to your happiness; they enable unhealthy behavior rather than support your well-being and happiness.

It is time for you to stop doing obliging things for others, as you have already found that one moment you may feel some sense of self-worth, and the next you will feel victimized and valueless. Obligation will always end up with you doing more for others than you do for yourself leaving you with no time, money or other forms of energy available for you.

It is time to be responsible by responding to the heart of you with the love and light of your divine magnificence.

When you take care of yourself lovingly, all else is taken care of by the higher mind and unconditionally loving heart of the universe. That's where the statement "God helps those who help themselves", originates. The heart, soul and spirit of you already know this.

The heart, soul and spirit of you know they reside in an abundantly prosperous universe, where the combination of them is the physical expression of the precious child of the Father - God and the Mother Goddess. Who by the way has also been gifted free will and free choice.

What that actually means is you get to have anything you can dream about!

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