Living Heaven on Earth

The inner voice of love is a subtle voice although it has the ability to raise the volume when necessary for your highest good.

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Living Heaven on Earth

Living Heaven On Earth

First I want to dispel a wide spread rumor amongst the spiritual/metaphysical community. We have all heard that this is the first time in the history of the evolution of the soul that heaven on earth is available to us.

Heaven on Earth (workshops) has always been available to anyone who chose it. Heaven on earth is another term for Ascension and is nothing more than the mastery of mind over matter.

There have been many who have gone before us, thusly becoming the role models for the rest of us. We call them Ascended Masters. The only difference now is that instead of just a few, the masses are choosing this acceleration of mind. The masses are ascending together.

Yes, we are presently living in an accelerated vibratory rate, yet this is because so many have awakened to the light of them selves and are actually practicing that mind acceleration rather than just talking about it. In mind acceleration is where all things are possible and all abundant prosperity is manifested.

Yet, there is more, the heart is of major importance in the dynamics of heaven on earth where you can create all your dreams. The universal mind which is accessed from the acceleration of the lower mind, takes it's direction from the heart.
Living in the moment is living heaven on earth. The heart will always tell you what is going on in the present. The heart is also the aspect of self that decides what feels good, what makes you smile...what brings you joy; because the heart is where the spirit of you resides.

To live heaven on earth you must stay conscious of your present rather than being torn up with memories of the past or worried about the future to come. You pay attention to the heart, it will let you know instantly how you are feeling in any given moment.
Still the mind even for just a moment to feel see if you feel good or you feel bad...that' don't have to define it any further. If you are feeling bad, it is because you are thinking some fearful limited thought. You then change your thought. You move the thinking apparatus into a thought that makes you smile and you focus on that. Look around you and find something to be grateful for; even the smallest item will shift the mind from incorrectly believing it is in lack, to a joyful heart feeling of knowing that your life holds grace and there is plenty to be thankful for. The moment you focus on the one small thing, your mind will immediate search for other things both large and small that you are grateful for. This is redirecting the mind, this small yet profound and extremely effective exercise will put you immediately in touch with your heart and your emotions will change from feeling bad to feeling good; because your thought form has shifted. Then in the shift, you focus on what you intend to create for yourself. You hold this thought form accompanied by the feelings of wonder and bliss.

This is living in the expanded vibrum of love, where the heart and mind are in harmonic balance with one another. Thusly you can move forward into the actualization of the dream, rather than be stagnated because one aspect of self is demanding attention over another. The ego always demands acknowledgement and it will accomplish its goal regardless of how it makes you feel. Paying attention in the moment alerts you to what you are feeling, which then provides the conscious awareness of what you are thinking. You change the thought and all other aspects move within that shift.

Heaven on earth is a moment to moment conscious choice to change your fearful limited thinking of "I can't" to the loving thinking of "I can"" When you move out of the I can't into the I can, your whole world changes from the inside out.

Now with all of the information above, you are still asking, "HOW TO" Live Heaven on Earth!

We recognize this need of Practical application in your everyday life. We know the lower mind ego is struggling and in some cases in outright resistance and rebellion to change it's old thought patterns and behaviors. We know that lower mind needs the practical magic and thusly we have also included a very powerful daily application of how to be reminded to live in heaven on earth and to focus on abundance rather than dwell in lack. We have done so because your lower mind where it is presently situated is lacking trust in self; thusly a simple daily exercise when applied can help strengthen and fortify your trust in your self to make the choices and decisions in any given moment.

I woke up one morning with a beautiful image of a very colorful hot air balloon ascending into the sun lit sky; for me this was a peaceful, uplifting image (no pun intended). I lay in my bed under the soft squishy covers, feeling all good and snuggly warm, allowing myself to engage fully in this magical feeling.

Then I heard some whispering and all of a sudden out of nowhere I heard this rapid gunfire and right before my eyes the balloon was shot up to pieces and fell to the sky. Then the balloon appeared again, lifting off from the ground and out of the blazing blue sky a nuclear bomb hits it and there is absolutely nothing left of it to recoup.
Well of course I lay there thinking what the hell was that! Then I heard giggling and I knew there was some angel/s behind this experience. I saw Archangel Michael and Raphael standing side by side with huge grins on their faces; Raphael had a smoking gun in his hand. I stared at them in disbelief and then again asked, "What the hell was that about?"

Raphael responded by saying, That's exactly right...that is what hell is about!"

Then Michael took over with this explanation.

"This is how you all create your hell rather than accepting heaven."

I said, "Please expound."

He said, "Well, you all have beautiful images that allow you to feel love, peace and are quite uplifting. You imagine how it could be and as you imagine how it can be, you also begin to feel good. Then, in comes the self-doubt, the thoughts of I can't or it's impossible, etc. The self-doubt is the same as shooting your dream into pieces and then you wonder why your dream seemed to just disappear and you didn't get what you were dreaming about.

Then it gets even worse, because those self doubt thoughts and behaviors originate in the incorrect belief of unworthiness. So when your dream lifts off, like the balloon and you have a thought of not being worthy, conscious or is the same as a nuclear bomb taking out it out. "

He then went on to say the following.

"All of you are conscious of www in your everyday life; meaning the World Wide Web of the Internet. You engage in it every day, one way or the other. You are either working or playing on your computers or you are hearing about it as a particular site being advertised on the television or radio. Yet, you have not opened up to the realization that www can be applied as an instant practice to change your world. You continue to use the www that you are aware of to seek the people, places or things you believe are lacking in your life. You use this www as the cart before the horse. You go seeking what you need to change your life in yet another form outside of yourself.

There is the inner knowingness that must be shifted in order to realize all you desire. There is also a higher aspect of the www world wide web, and as engage in the lower www worldwide web we would like you to shift your consciousness by considering which www you are focused on.
There are yet two more meanings to www.
There is the fearful www focus
The loving www focus
The fearful focus is defined as such
www stands for

The following is how that www fear works within you.
You focus on want, i.e. "I want a new job. I want more money. I want someone to love me. If only I had all these things my life would be complete and I would be happy."

All this focus on want comes from the incorrect belief that you are lacking to begin with.

The focus on want is the last thing that will change your life, as to focus on want only gets you more "want" rather than the thing itself.
As you remain in the want and see that you are getting nothing, you then engage in war in order to get what you want. It can be war within you that looks like this mental gymnastics of the following:

The mental thought of I "want", which then receives a response of another mental thought of "you cant have it" for one limited belief or another. Those types of limited thoughts are only symptoms; they stem from the incorrect belief of not being worthy. Not being worthy is centered in the illusion of separation. (see article on True Love)

That inner mental battle then expands to the outer war. It has to extend beyond the self, because there was no real solution in the inner battle, there was only a tiresome mental gymnastics that wore you out...but only temporarily. Then you go to war with another and that grows even more rapidly and before you know it there are countries warring amongst themselves to fulfill what they incorrectly perceive they are lacking.

What a futile, energy wasting concept on all levels to continually engage in war inside or outside of self; as no body every wins in a war...all wars internal or external end in WOE!

"Woe is me", because I didn't get want I want. Woe is me because I may have gotten what I thought I wanted but at what expense.
Then as the woe kicks in and you dwell in that awhile, the want resurges; as out of the woe the ego realizes once again, despite its attempts it didn't get what it wanted to begin with and the whole vicious cycle starts over again.

Now let's consider the other option:

The loving www

that stands for

Instead of wanting, you move to the higher WILL of you. You don't focus on want you focus on I will. Will is also defined not only as I Will, but I AM, I have, I can, etc. You see yourself in the present moment already having that of which you desire. You accompany that vision with the feelings of the joy of the experience. You are waiting for anyone to show up, or anything to occur. You already have it all!

As such the wanting immediately wanes because you have it already; thusly there is no need for war. You Win in that instant without the horrors of war. You win because you are in peace and trust; you have full knowingness that the desire is already manifest and is yours. There is no need to battle self or any other for the guaranteed outcome. You are the guarantee by seeing and feeling it done already.

As you continue to engage in Will and Win, you inevitably end up with the WOW!

Because all that your heart desires is continuously manifesting instantly each and every day and you find yourself walking around saying Wow, wow look at that...WOW! Every moment of your life shifts into a vivacious enthusiastic and miraculous WOW, rather than that life energy sucking woe.

So each time you are on those computers searching for what you want and your attention is drawn to www, stop for a moment and become aware of which www you are focusing on. The one that belongs to fearful hell of limiting lack or the one that belongs to loving heaven where all abundant prosperity already exists.

In light with love from heaven on earth
Archangel Michael and Eloryia RA

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